Food trigger

How long does it take for a food trigger to kick in?

If you eat something that is a trigger how long does it take for you to notice?

i am struggling to work out what my triggers are :smiley:

Unfortunately, I think it depends on the person & the day. Sometimes i can have a lick of my kids chocolate and immediately have a head spin, other days I can have a few glasses of wine & feel awful. This condition makes no sense to me at all!! X

alcohol makes me feel instantly worse. there is this random nacho cheese and salsa dip that i think makes me worse pretty quickly but only tried it twice.

The only food trigger I definitely noticed was when I went to a chinese restaurant and I felt awful afterwards, just really groggy and developed a nasty migraine headache. I put it down to them using loads of MSG. Usually chinese takeaway is fine but I think this was an old-school restaurant and I suspect everything was loaded with MSG! In answer to your question, the bad feeling came on as soon as I got home so within an hour or so of eating.


I am still struggling to identify the triggers too. I am always impressed by those who can identify them. I haven’t been at it for long, but it is a difficult process. How long have you been trying? Have you noticed any?

There are a lot of foods that will allow me a nibble, not all.

For instance, I go to a restaurant and have a sip of my sweetheart’s porter and a teaspoonful of my bud’s IPA. No prob. More could easily be a prob, and I don’t care to play with finding out just how much more.

I know that unless I’m having a bad day, I can have a chocolate chip, even a good one. Ma-aybe a small choc chip cookie. But not a handful of choc chips.

I don’t dare have a mouthful of red wine.

I usually can get away with having a few cups of decaf coffee over the course of a day.