Food triggers

Please give me your experiences with food triggering you Migraines/dizziness. I tried for one week to avoid, chocolate, cafeine, red wine, MSG, nuts, etc. and have seen a noticable difference in how good I feel. My wife gave me a glass of white wine Saturday night, both of us thinking there were no sulfates in white wine. Well, I woke up Sunday not feeling well, off feeling, dull headache, so I went to read the wine bottle and unfortunately this certain white wine did have Sulfates. Anyone have similar reactions?

Hi, Skip,

I thought I knew everything about migraine trigger foods after years of experience, but in desperation I recently went on a very exclusionary diet and then later started adding possible trigger foods back in one by one. I avoided almost everything for about three months. It was boring as ****.

However, it was also productive, since I have identified things like chocolate (could have fooled me) and Grand Marnier (boo hoo!) as triggers. Luckily, and very puzzling it is, too, Baileys seems to be OK. And I can cook with wine and beer, and drink a little, but end up paying for a lot.

My worst triggers, and I have known this for over twenty years, are plants in the Solanaceae or nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc.). Those are migraine magic foods for me. I didn’t bother to test them again. Anytime they sneak into my diet I get sick as a dog. well, sicker.

Interestingly, novocaine from the dentist is a trigger. UGH anyway.

Thorn, Does it trigger headaches and dizziness/imbalance symptoms?

Skip, it triggers one or the other or both, actually, and sometimes different things on different days. Not that I test this out anymore, because it just isn’t worth it. I’d rather starve.

Potatoes trigger several days of ringing ears, dizzies, imbalance, nausea, nausea, muffled hearing, and photophobia. So if I am eating something that has a potato derivative in it (a food additive derived from potato) every day, then I have symptoms every day. And if I figure it out and stop eating it, I can still have symptoms for quite a while. Weeks, in fact.

Tomatoes, I get the whole thing: grand mal throbbing eight hour headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, weird retinal aura, vertigo, dizzies, muffled hearing, sensitivity to light, etc…

Chocolate, I just get dizzy and confused and my ears ring.

Oh, and novocaine…it makes my ears hiss and makes me dizzy and nauseated for at least 24 hours. Sensitive to light and sound.