Food triggers

I have failed to find any food triggers for my MAV and sometimess feel a bit envious of those of you who are convinced particular foods are triggers. The theory appears to be that a food intoleance may masquerade as an addiction, hence the thing with coffee - seems to ‘cure’ a headache but if you leave it out you get a biggie.

I’m wondering whether because us MAVers (or rather our nervous systems) like the status quo, giving up a food substance basically is a change, and therefore rocks the boat, and therefore we think ‘ah, trigger!’, when in fact it’s the change in diet rather than the withdrawal of the actual item which is the trigger. It’s just a thought, and I’m probably easily persuaded otherwise. Everything interacts anyway. Coffee premenstrually may be a no-no, coffee otherwise may be ok. Cheese may be bad when the barometric pressure changes. Red wine under fluorescent lights. Eating MSG-filled snack while watching 3D movie… :lol: Too many variables for me.

A dizzy izzy who’s fed up with endlessly searching for triggers. The only certain trigger is being alive.

— Begin quote from "dizzyizzy"

The only certain trigger is being alive.

— End quote


Dizzyizzy- that’s pretty funny! I was just thinking that today, that life makes me dizzy.
Actually, there’s a difference between food intolerances, food allergies, and food triggers. Caffeine and sugar are notorious for their withdrawal effects producing headaches, big time cravings (and other yummy carbs as well). I think the trick is to avoid particular foods for awhile, then reintroduce them and carefully monitor your body’s reaction… and even then you may not recognize the delayed reactions to certain foods hence the difficulty working with the migraine diets. AAAACK!! However, I’m desperate to get rid of my dizziness and fatigue and I can now tell when I’ve eaten some “bad” foods because I’m keeping a log: it’s the same old stuff each time so it’s becoming obvious and stupid if I eat these foods. I’m also working with an allergist who has offered up other possibilities along with airborne allergies and food allergies in addition to migraines: neck/cervical myofacial problems. Keep at it… it’s gotta be something!!!

this is something that i am struggling with also i gave up the iced tea at lunchtime have given up salad dressings and a bunch of other triggers.

i got super dizzy out at luncheon yesterday - crowded restaurant, lights and people talking loudly - ish but also i ordered just a grilled chicken breast and a few veges and everything tasted salty because i dont use much salt when i cook - i don’t know why but i feel awful today.

i wish i knew what my triggers are besides pollens and dust and stuff like that. can’t figure out the food thing. havent eaten any tomatoes in a while either thinking they were the problem.



Chris - how’s the medication thing going??? What did you settle on?? Can’t remember… LOL>

I had a pretty good meltdown the other night because I set myself off with some foods and I got so frustrated with it all. However, today a HUGE SUCCESS… to ME anyway. I began taking vitamin B2/Riboflavin moving up to 400 mg. and I think it’s making a difference. Also, this morning I discovered that I tolerate oatmeal… at least as I am writing this !!! I am so excited… I have lots of problems with grains it seems. I’m making a special trip to the store to see if I can find organic brown rice and will try that and see if that makes a difference. I’m becoming an unwilling but true believer in organic foods. I would highly recommend keeping an informal food log and jot down to the best of your ability what you’ve eaten each day and your daily/hourly reactions. I REALLY didn’t want to do that, either. However, that’s was about the only way I could see how I was sabotaging myself along with my denial. I also really wonder how much our immune systems, vitamin deficiencies, etc. play into food intolerances/food allergies/food triggers even though our bodies actually manifest different symptoms to all those and they are differentiated in the clinical and even the naturopathic world. Whew. It’s daunting. Hang in there!!!

interesting post i’ve got to get back to doing my diary - i missed a couple of days - thanks all for the reminder. i’m not sure what mine is.

meds - havent started yet but soon i hopel. i’m willing to try super small dose of celexa or somethign like that - going to therapist tomorrow - i think i need something for anxiety and maybe it’ll help the other stuff too :slight_smile: like rockysmom said in another post it an help anxiety Mav and menopause if i’m lucky and can find one i can tolerate.


im getting so that i’m afraid to eat everything!!! it’s bad. my cholesterol was even up cuz i havent’ eaten the right things the past few months :frowning: