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Why should I add my name to your headache register?
Please join the Headache Australia national register if you suffer chronic headaches or migraine.

The register will become a very important resource to help Headache Australia provide more research to bring more efficient and effective treatments and take further steps on the road to a full recovery.

As new treatments become available we will be able to inform those on the register.

We can let everyone know when research projects are being planned so that those who wish to volunteer, and fit the requirements specified such as women and/or men in a particular age group, can be advised about who to contact to become involved. Your contact details will never be given out.

There are also occasions when pharmaceutical companies ask Headache Australia to find some who would like to try a new, approved treatment and report their experience with it in the media. Once again, we let everyone on the register know about the opportunity and those who fit the criteria can make contact with the person nominated by the company.

Large numbers on the register lend considerable weight to our requests for research funding from pharmaceutical companies and the government.

Once Headache Australia has sufficient numbers on the register, then loyalty programmes can be established free of charge under the Brain Foundation Banner so that discounts are available. … y-register

Already a member - onya Jen! :smiley:

Thanks Jenny!

I just signed up. How have you been?


hi Scottie,
I was doing well until yesterday, it’s been pretty rough.
The withdrawal hasnt gone away, in fact it’s kicking in pretty hard
I thought I’d gotten away without having to suffer anymore, but the mood swings are pretty bad anger and then crying alot, pins and needles all over, movement cuasing the vertigo rushes.
It’s been a couple of weeks off it, every other withdrawal I’ve had over the years have only lasted two weeks.
so fingers crossed, I’ll be ok soon.
I’m trying to keep busy.
How about yourself?