For Beech19/Becky in UK re migraine program

Hello Becky,

I’ve been on this board for a while but pop in and out intermittently so you may not have seen me around. Scott and I have been chatting a lot about the migraine biodentical hormone program he is starting and he told me you were considering doing it in the UK. I am in the the UK too.

I just read Scott’s thread regarding this and saw that you had made enquiries with the migraine program team re other people who have tried it in the uk, and how to actually get the biodentical hormones here. I haven’t contacted them yet. My reservation about trying to do the program is knowing how many stumbling blocks you can run in to in the uk trying to do anything that doctor’s are likely to be sceptical about. If I did ring I was going to ask them the same questions as you.

Did you have any luck getting further information about people who have doneit here/or how you might go about it? Are you considering it? Scott has sent me an interesting article re a doc here in Harley Street who is using biodentical hormones for anti aging reasons. Maybe he would help. I can send it to you if you like.

I am currently seen at the National Hospital of Neurology. Been ill 6 yrs. My condition is stable (ish) but an ongoing and constant thorn in my side. I have had very little success with drugs bar a beta blocker which I think provides some help.I am strongly considering the program.


Hi Hannah

I hope you don’t mind but I have sent you a PM about this.


Hi Becky,

I don’t mind at all, but for some reason no new message has shown up in my private message box! Not sure what’s gone wrong there. Could you resend it to me, there’s probably been a glitch. Actually I’ll send you a pm with my email address so you can write directly to that,