For those that are doing better

Do you enjoy a few drinks of alcohol now that you are doing better(on medicine) ? I have recently been feeling almost %100 since adding in Celexa. My days were better(up and down) on Depakote and Verapamil, but Celexa has really been a huge help. I have since been enjoying a drink or two with hubby on the weekends, I brought this question up being that it is New Years Eve and even though we will be staying home(we have small children) I plan on having couple beers with him tonight. I always worry about being on medicine and drinking so I rarely do it. Sometimes the next day I can get a headache and sometimes I won’t at all. I’m not sure if alcohol is a trigger or not, I haven’t really figured out any dietary triggers. For those that do have a couple drinks are you on more than 1 medication?

i dont really drink…but tonight i had 2 shots of irish cream & felt pretty good. :smiley:
i seem to handle the cream liquers better than the hard stuff like vodca/gin/rye…etc I cant drink wine anymore, gives me wicked migraines.

& i do ok with peach shnapps.

Happy New Years! :smiley:

I don’t drink (I gave it up after rehab 19 years ago), but I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I say go for it.

I’m on no meds at the moment, and alcohol actually takes all my symptoms away. Weird as that sounds, but I’m symptomless when I’m drunk. No ear stuff and balance is strangley pretty good. Only when I’m drunk. What a drag that I have to be drunk for MAV to take a seat back.


I slowly added some alcohol back in my life as I started to feel better. I felt better drinking, but sometimes the dizzy drunk spinning made me feel like the MAV was coming back. My husband just said it was a “hangover”… I actually went to a few parties and drank moree than a couple (on 2 meds) and felt fine. Unfortunatley I feel like I am heading toward a relapse, or something pretty darn close to it. I was doing great, and was hoping that my cocktail of drugs could keep me functioning. I dont think the alcohol had anything to with it, and I havent noticed any food triggers. I think its just me crazy brain geting the best of me. I say enjoy a couple of drinks when you feel good. It is the greatest feeling being “normal” again!

Hi Rebecca…this is great news that you are almost 100%. If you can handle a few drinks now and then why not? I am so happy for you. Cheers to a great year without MAV symptoms! Peace.


I’m fascinated by Ammaretto’s report, especially because I far prefer the gunked-up drinks to serious booze. Even whiskey I used to enjoy more in the form of mixed Irish and orange juice, for example, rather than sipping a shot of single-malt.

I have not risked taking an actual drink since I started following the diet, but a taste, sure. Friday evening my best friend came over, and was served a sweet Belgian ale. Too sweet for him, but I certainly enjoyed the sip I allow myself. But then on Thursday evening I actually allowed myself one fresh-baked choc chip cookie, even though I know chocolate is a trigger for me. Too bad my loved ones don’t go for the sweet drinks, but maybe I’ll let myself try the type of drink Ammaretto manages to handle.