For those that have tried Effexor

Those of you that tried Effexor, where you taking the Brand name or Generic?

Pharmacist told me that while most generic’s are the same, when it comes to Effexor and the horror stories, it is due to the generic.
She said that this happened to her as well. Switched to the brand name and side effects where minimal.
Said to go with Effexor OVER Cymbalta.

Im reluctant to try effexor, as I believe it maybe a waste of time, since Im so med sensitive. Not sure If I would even get up to dose where it hits both
neurotransmitters. So at that point I should just try Cymbalta or Paxil. Not that Paxil hits both, but…

So how did you do on Effexor, and was it the brand name?

I do not really have headaches, mostly visual disturbance and dizziness.


Hi K!!

I am on Effexor 7gmg and have been for about 3 years or so. I tried generic 2ce and it was horrible!!! I also understand it to be difficult to withdrawl from…but I need to cross that bridge if and when I need to get off it. At this point my 3 daily preventatives are what keeps me able to function at about 90% each day!!!


I tried effexor and it seemed to increase my anxiety, although it did seem to help my visual issues. I found cymbalta easier to handle and have been taking it for 2+ years now. Cymbalta is another one that is supposedly hard to get off of, but I doubt that I’ll be trying that anytime soon.
Pam, what are your other 2 preventatives?

Hi Kelley!
When 1st DX I was started on Nortriptalyn and now at 75mg
Then added in Verapamil ER when bp was a bit elevated knowing that it also helps with MAV. Am nnow at 240am and then 240pm
And finally, Effexor XR when my mood was still a bit down am at 75mg.
I’ve been on all of these at the current level for about 4 years.


I tried 12.5mg of Effexor, Im not sure if it was generic though. I had a BAD reaction to it, I had some pretty severe dry heaving reflexes for a few days after having just one dose.

Hi Kristina,

I was on the generic recently and had to go off due to the side effects. It didn’t help the dizziness at all anyway and I was on it for 7 weeks.

You should give it a shot, but definitely go with the brand name and not the generic. My insurance wouldn’t cover the brand name.

Good luck.


Hi Kristina,

I take the generic Effexor. I am on a low dose (37.5 XR), and am very med. sensitive. I felt sedated for the first week or so, but that wore off. The only strange side effect is that when I am about to fall asleep, it causes a finger, toe, etc. to jump. I had the same reaction when I tried Lexapro for 2 weeks. I see a neurologist @ Johns Hopkins and he didn’t feel it was something to be concerned about. The Effexor has helped with visual vertigo and the accompanying anxiety. If you decide to try it, I hope it works for you!


Thanks everyone!