For those who've tried the migraine diet

Does our system adapt to being without the trigger food so that, if we eat it again it actually causes a migraine? Is that even possible? Thanks.

I think it depends on where your migraine threshold and trigger level is at the moment. So, if you’ve been on the migraine diet for two months and your migraine trigger level has fallen below your threshold…you may be able to get away with eating something like Chocolate cake or yellow cheese–without a headache. However, all people are different as well.

Also, from my personal experience when I have introduced some junk(trigger) food…it hasn’t hit me as hard since I’ve been consistent on my Migraine diet. I really do think it’s because my trigger level has dropped a bit since I’ve been on the diet.

Thanks, JoeT. I’ve been on the diet a few days short of two months. For the last two days, I ate ketchup (not a lot) with unsalted chips, and last night I had a full-blown headache. Ketchup is one of the foods Dr. Buchholz recommends we watch, and that’s the only thing I’d eaten off the diet. I was concerned that my system kind of “went into shock” after the ketchup since it had gotten used to being without it and it thus caused the headache. But I hadn’t thought about the trigger levels being higher until you mentioned it. Our weather has been awful for a week, plus I’ve been under additional stress. That probably didn’t help.

When you say yellow cheese, does that include American cheese?

I was thinking more of Cheddar cheese. I believe the book “Heal your Headache” mentioned that American cheese is pretty low in Tyramine. So, it’s probably good in moderation.

Sorry for the ignorance from an English Mavver, but what sort of cheese is American cheese?

American cheese is made from a group of ingredients, such as milk, milk protein, milkfat, whey, etc. It usually carries the name “processed cheese” or “cheese product” or sometimes sill simply say “American singles.” (For example, Kraft Singles, if you’re familiar with that product.)