Forbidden foods and vertigo

for the past several days, and esp. yesterday, i’ve had packaged foods. and some chocolate. no ill effect until today. a few hours i had my first rotational vertigo attack in 2 years. does anyone think that eating those bad foods yesterday would trigger an attack over 24 hours later?

Yes, it can take a day or more for triggers to cause symptoms in some cases. If it was your first attack in years then I’d say that it’s a pretty safe bet that the foods were the reason.

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To add to what Tran said, sometimes food triggers can manifest migraine up to 48 hours later. For me, I get hit 24 hours after the fact. If you read the post by Dr Rauch, you’ll see he discusses lifestyle factors such as diet as being like the water level in a swimming pool. The aim of the game is to keep the “water level” well below your head. By eating lots of migraine-trigger foods you probably suddenly raised your migraine trigger load and the water level is now temporarily over your head. Do you take any meds or are you able to keep this beast under control by watching your diet?

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my situation in more detail:

i had several incidents of rotational vertigo from 2005-2007. i thought they might have been triggered by my gradual withdrawal from effexor xr. when the drug was out of my system, i stopped having severe attacks. but, i would experience many, many mini-attacks–tightness in my sinuses, or up the back of my head, then some vertigo (not rotational). humid weather onset was particularly bothersome. my diet was not good. although i eat a lot of fresh foods, i would have packaged stuff every day. last month i finally saw dr. rauch. he thought that what i called sinus headaches over 25 years were migraines. and that the vertigo is migraine related. i’m supposed to be on the fresh food diet. i haven’t been totally compliant. but i didn’t fall of the wagon so severely until this past weekend.

i’m not on any migraine meds. it’s too early in the diagnosis. i don’t want to take anything, anyways. what i need to do is to stick to the diet. until i do that, i won’t know how well it works. my gut feeling is that i can tolerate a certain amount of packaged or canned foods once in a while. i actually don’t get headaches very often–they were very common up to 10 years ago. until dr. rauch explained the migraine/vertigo syndrome, i had no idea how the two would be related. since i didn’t consider myself a migrainer, the whole explanation was very surprising to me.

i’d be very interested to know your experience. thanks!