From 'drunk' to reeling

I’d become accustomed to the new baseline that defines my ‘normal’. Once the big heat and humidity set it, however, I went from a dizziness I could live with to feeling drunk. Not ‘falling down’ drunk - but the kind after a couple of beers where you can still function with proper effort. And now, since the rains have come, the vertigo comes and goes without much warning, rhyme or reason.

EVERYTHING appears to be a trigger, these days. Sunshine. Fluorescent light. Gray and rainy days.

And after 13 months of dealing with some kind of dizziness - it was a quick succession of losses - my keys, my glasses and the memory of my zip-code, that I finally just fell completely apart.

Suddenly, I’m no longer sure of my diagnosis. I’m convinced I’m losing my mind.

Marie-Johanne, I too find myself somewhat at the mercy of the weather, even when I seem to be doing well with regard to other triggers. And the classic Selye model says that all kinds of different stresses add up and compound. I’m fortunate in that a couple of projects that were major psychic stressors have drawn to a close, and also that I have been able to ever-so-gradually build myself up to a good bit of swimming. The endorphins, the better wind, and the generally improved fitness have done pretty well in keeping my symptoms at bay, or at least so it seems. Counseling and meds have helped me, too. Bad days, still? Oh yeah. But so far, nothing like what I had been experiencing.

I think this was the worst (emotionally speaking) since my try with the Nor and Ami. I think too much on my plate at the same time. The weather has subsided and I’m slowly returning back to my ‘acceptable’ baseline.

Psychologist and meds have been helping, though the meds are failing more often, now. We’ve titrated up to 25mg per day (Ritalin) to help me push through the worst dizzies/bouts of vertigo - but I’m having trouble with the side-effects. Hopefully, the new doc (Neurotologist) will consider a different route in August.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: