Frozen shoulder

Hi all, I have recently seen Dr S, and told I have migraine variant balance disorder. Has any suffers had a frozen shoulder and is it linked to MAV?

Hi Kay,

sorry you are going through this. I don’t know if a “frozen shoulder” can be from it, but many many people here have said that they have the “coat hanger” pain (neck and shoulders). Dr. Silver in the UK I believe was the one who said the coat hanger pain is very common among migraineurs. I’ve had that type of pain really bad before the dizziness started and continue to have it to a lesser degree now. The stiffness and tension in my shoulders were what got me started on physical therapy (which kick started the vertigo component :frowning: ).

I hope you get better soon.

Hi Fussyfussy,

Thanks for you comments, I guess my frozen should is not to do with the MAV, just another complaint add to my list.
I feel that everything is going down hill, since I have gone through the menopause.

I think I’ve gained more weight to, adding to the weight gain through an underactive thyroid.

I’m signed off from work at the moment due to my MAV, and I’m dreading having to go back. I see Dr Surenthiran next Wednesday, he said I should avoid stress if I am to get well, I’m hoping that he will sign me of until I am feeling well again.