Hi All,

I’m wondering how you guys react to different kinds of fruit? Is all fruit out of the question, just some, or is there no effect?

My own reaction to fruit is not clear-cut at all. Sometimes it appears quite clearly that some fruits cause me to become very headachy and just overall achy in the joints as well and then other times nothing. Mangoes appear to be one of those fruits that can be bad news one day but not on another. Currently wondering about rock melon (cantaloupe). Bananas too aren’t clear triggers for me. One thing the citrus fruits will almost always do is cause mouth ulcers – but again, not always.


i’ve been playing it safe the last few months and mostly just eating apples. i used to eat strawberries all the time but i hear they are a histamine trigger. I never could eat bananas without getting an itchy throat and mouth and same with cantalope so for me they are allergy triggers but not sure about migraine stuff.

i gave up oranges (those cute little clementines) and i miss them so much this year. again i ate them every day last winter and wasn’t sick.

still not convinced food is an issue for me.

i hope you figure out your triggers.

i wish i could. i wanted to start addin things back in now that it’s been a few months - i really miss iced tea!!!

i’d like to see if i can drink it

good luck Scott with the fruit :slight_smile:


I pretty much steer clear of fruit due to unpredictable reactions… same thing as you, Scott - sometimes achiness, sometimes extra dizziness. I’ve reacted some things only to tolerate them in very limited amounts later on. Same thing happens with some other kinds of foods with the exception of eggs and corn - those are completely out. It’s so ridiculously unpredictable!!

Heya – yeah, drives me crazy. I loaded up on rock melon this morning today (experiment number 3), and the pain started about 90 minutes ago. Stiff, sore joints, headachy, sore neck, and lethargic. Dammit Janet. Looks like I’ll have to downgrade to the odd taste (cube) here and there. No more massive wedges for breakfast.

Bummer about the eggs Gail. Dairy products don’t push the migraine buttons for me – not yet anyway. Whole oranges are unpredictable and I avoid juice completely.


My eating habits have never been brilliant - I have a very limited liking of vegetables! Therfore, I used to load up on fruit. Since this started I’ve had bad reactions to bananas and grapes. Apples never give me any trouble. The other night I thought I’d try some grapes as these were always my fav - had about 15 or so and really enjoyed then - however, within an hour I had chronic stomach pains and head starts going fuzzy! Don’t think I’ll try them again! I’m going to try a banana in a couple of weeks to see if thats any better now! Of course in the ‘olden’ days I would have just had some chocolate instead and bugger the fruit, sadly that is not allowed either! Eating is no longer a pleasure, but a chore of wondering how it will make me feel! The one thing that never affects me is breakfast cereal - I tend to have that for two meals a day now!

Just an aside my lovely man cooked me my favourite paella over Christmas - can’t believe how bad that made me - I had to take to my bed and that was within an hour of eating it! Don’t think he’ll be trying to impress me with that one again!
Take care x

The only fruits that I can eat without causing a dizziness reaction are apples, pears and peaches. Given that I live in Canada the only edible fruit available right now are apples, which I am getting very bored with!

I was allergic to strawberries as a child but I can eat them now. I dont eat fruit much now due to blood sugar drops but I do eat loads of apples. It seems apples is the safest fruit judging by the responses here. I love them stewed etc. also pears are fine.
Luckily I love all vegetables apart from broad beans, I eat tons of vegetables.


A naturopath the kid saw several years ago said that the way to tell if a particular food is a problem is to eliminate it completely for six weeks, and then do a “challenge” by loading up on it for a day. Lots and lots and lots of it, all day long. Then wait and see what happens. If you have no reaction for three days, that food isn’t a problem. If you notice symptoms, go off the food for six weeks again, then challenge again.

She said that reaction after one challenge might be a coincidence – I think she said that the food is a real problem like 2/3 of the time. After two challenges, you’re up to 90% sure. And if you do three challenges with the same reaction all three times, then you’re at 99% sure.

We were looking at other kinds of food reactions, not migraine, so I’m not sure if the same thing applies. But it made sense to me.

(FWIW, the kid can’t eat apples except in very small amounts. They don’t affect his migraine symptoms, but cause lots of other problems.)


Apples fine here, ditto peas, make that pears, so far as I can tell.
Think I was fine with various melons, but haven’t tried a much quantity.
Had a pound of strawberries over 2-3 days, fine, and but then started on the next pound and uh-oh.
Cherries fine, so far.
Grapes ditto, I think.
Cranberries I think okay.
Blueberries I’m pretty sure okay.
Tomato seems okay. (“Knowledge is recognizing the tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is not adding it to fruit salad.”)

Haven’t risked any citrus, olive, banana/plantain, tropical fruit, since DX.

Unfortunately it’s the nature of an ‘intolerance’ rather than an ‘allergy’ that you won’t necessarily always react to it, so it makes it really hard to identify food triggers for migraine etc.

Personally I can eat virtually all fruits with no perceivable problems. The only one I am not sure about is pineapple, as I have noticed from keeping a migraine diary for about 7-8 months now, that I have had severe migraines on days following eating it. I don’t eat it very often (it’s quite expensive in the UK, more of a luxury than an every day item…unless you want to eat the nasty tinned stuff…ugh!) so it’s hard to be sure.

And another thing to consider regarding intolerances is that if you notice that you keep eating a certain food on the day before a migraine/MAV attack, then it might not be the cause, but rather an early symptom of a migrainous attack that you are craving this item. This difficulty is one of the reasons that the scientific community is rather divided about whether food triggers really exist. Oddly enough, I really crave MSG-heavy stuff like Chinese takeaways at the end of a migraine attack, and find it makes me feel better. Same for orange juice.