Fruits/vegetables you are OK (and not OK) with

Long story short: I really need to add fruits and vegetables to my diet. I figured I’d start a thread where we can share what ones we are OK with, trigger-wise, and also which ones that do NOT work.
Considering my migraine state at the moment, I shouldn’t be adding things at the moment, but I HAVE to, my diet is a total catastrophe. :slight_smile:

I imagine carrots, apples and pears are usually OK? I’m still afraid of apples since I had a HUGE migraine headache the last time I tried eating 1/4 of one. :?

I’ve recently confirmed onions are a trigger for me, even the green onions that are supposed to be okay. I’m not currently eating fruits or starchy vegetables, so I don’t know about those. I’ve found that maintaining a fairly even blood sugar level by managing carbohydrates makes a huge difference for me. If you add fruits, you may want to make sure to eat some protein with the fruit to avoid a spike and subsequent drop in your blood sugar. I definitely think you should get some vegetables into your diet. Just try adding one thing at a time to see how you do.

i do fine as long as stick to Buccholz, which is to stay away from anything containing tyramine, histamine and phenylethylanine

you can google your life away searching for these foods, but starting with his book:

From his book:

the no-no fruits are:
citrus, bananas, pineapples, rainsins and other dried fruits, raspberries, red plums, papayas, passion fruit, figs, dates and avacados.

no-no vegetables are:
ONIONS, sauerkraut, pea pods, certain beans (broad italian, lima, fava, navy, and lentls) allowed: leeks, scallions, shallots, spring onions, garlic.

I’ve done well following these guidelines, and i live on fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Let me add, that for me personally, i do horribly with any kind of fermented dairy: yogurt, sour cream, even some of the cheeses listed as being okay, american, ricotta, mozarella.

tran, do you want me to email you a copy of his entire list of dietary triggers?


Yep, I knew about the ONIONS, but the “allowed” scallions are a problem for me too. I decided to try adding them each back into my diet recently, on separate occasions, with not so good results. :frowning:

Julie…the yogurt you are talking about…is it the cups of yogurt (various flavors) in the dairy department or non-fat soft serve frozen yogurt? I have no problems with the soft serve yogurt.


I’m gonna throw one more little glitch in here - sorry :frowning:

BUT, for those who may be MSG-sensitive - Please, be aware there is something that many growers are spraying our fruits and vegetables with. It is called “Auxigrow”. It is considered natural by the FDA because it is mostly glutamates (Glutamates of course, are considered natural, because they are naturally occuring in so many foods, they don’t become a problem until they are processed in some way). Its widespread use, (even by some not so reputable organic growers)is the reason we have such big, beautiful, healthy looking produce. Insects hate it (go figure!), but for someone like me (very MSG sensitive) it can wreak havoc.

I personally, can’t tolerate most Dole products (Banannas, iceburg lettuce, etc.). Fruits and vegies are always hit or miss for me, but I still eat them nonetheless. I try and buy from local growers where I know what I’m getting.

Sorry, sounds extreme hey? A few years ago, if someone would have told me this, I would have looked at them like they were crazy!

Anyway, I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirit, but just in case someone is thinking that MSG might truly be a trigger for them, knowing this, might really be helpful. It was for me. :smiley:



I may have a solution for that. I use a veggie wash made by Environne. It contains cleansing agents derived from plants, polysorbate-20 derived from sorbitol/berries, grapefruit seed extract and lemon-orange extract. It is said to remove pesticides, waxes and chemicals.

I’ve done a ton of research, and I buy as much organic as I can, but even organic crops are subject to drifting sprays. This product has won awards.

The only other thing to do is peel anything with a skin and not eat anything you can’t peel, right? That’s too restrictive to me since my diet is mostly veggies. Maybe i’m not even MSG sensitive. I ought to test that out sometime. Would be easy enough, hey?

Thanks for the info, Kim. You’re our MSG expert.

Speaking of which, you are the one who informed us that tomatoes are full of free glutamate and once cooked have some MSG in them, correct?

We’re all becoming food scientists.

BTW, the reason I bolded ONIONS is because i was quoting the Buchholz table. It’s the only food he has listed boldly, so I wanted to bring it due attention.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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tran, do you want me to email you a copy of his entire list of dietary triggers?

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No, but thanks anyway - I have the book. :smiley:
I was rather looking for your experiences. He has mangoes down as OK, and they’re a huge trigger for me, so I don’t trust the “safe” list completely. Same thing when I last tried broccoli and overcooked it a bit, HUGE headache. Not sure I can blame the apple last time I tried that, but that’s not impossible either!

Also, lots of other sites list berries (blue-, black-, straw-), kiwis, grapes… as triggers. Hell, I honestly think that if you collect a list of ALL trigger lists there are, you couldn’t eat anything whatsoever. :wink:

You’re right, you can Google yourself into starvation.

I dug up a list of vasoactive amines.

tomatoes, pickled cabbage, sauerkraut, avocado, spinach, Aubergine, eggplant and pumpkin

Avocado, banana, pineapple, strawberries, orange, plums, prunes, figs, raisins, rasperries

So there are your strawberries, Tran.

I sent Tran a PM on this, but let me repeat it on the forum, i read another web page that suggests that most of the offenders are in the skin and suggests peeling veggies. not sure if i believe it or not, just putting it out there.


I want to point out that i made a correction to my first post on this thread. Thanks to Tranquility, i changed one of the offenders you should avoid if you need to stay on a very strict diet. It’s not phenylalanine, which is an essential amino acid, it’s phenylethylanine, which is made from phenylalanine.

Thanks Dr. Tran :slight_smile:


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Julie…the yogurt you are talking about…is it the cups of yogurt (various flavors) in the dairy department or non-fat soft serve frozen yogurt? I have no problems with the soft serve yogurt.


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Joe i’ve been meaning to answer this question, but keep forgetting :wink:

why do you suppose you do okay with frozen yogurt? i suppose it’s worth a try. Maybe they freeze something out of it. I’ve also done well with ice cream, while other dairy products can do me in pretty badly.

Thanks Joe!