When I read on this forum about people who have identified a trigger or who are having breaks from this crap, I become so jealous. (I know that is not appropriate, but it is what it is :? )

I am on about week 4 of Celexa at 40 mg…nothing.

I am meeting with my ENT today about bumping it up to the ultimate number that Baloh would do (60mg) and giving it a shot for another couple of months.

I could handle the dizzies, I could handle the perpetual fog…it is the “not knowing” part that really aggravates me.

Are there others out that absolutely do not get breaks and have no f###ing idea why it is “locked” in???

As you can tell, I am low today…just hoping that one day I can find a med that makes this tolerable.

There is my bitch and whine session for the day :slight_smile:

I wish I could transplant vestibular systems as easy as we do hearts and kidneys at our facility…I would already be on the surgery schedule. :smiley:


I totally understand…you need to hit a different neurotransmitter I"m guessing, or calm the brain another way. So don’t despair, just realize you have to go through the motions to figure your chemistry out. Personally, I wouldn’t wait that long before adding something…you could try a tricyclic at a low dose along with celexa and see how that goes?

Geez, Todd. I was wondering the other day how the celexa was working out for you this many weeks in. That is so frustrating. No problem bitching, that’s for sure. I’ll do you one better: I DO mind the dizziness, and I DO mind the brain fog that comes with it (though mine is sometimes from Dopamax), and I REALLY mind that no one including the specialists seem to really know crap about how to help other than tinkering with meds and taking away favorite foods and beverages only to still be dizzy and often fatigued anyway. What the heck? I did a two day trial at low dose Nori added to scaled back Topamax and it was horrible… couldn’t sleep and felt like a zombie. Going back to the neuro Friday and pushing for something to help with anxiety and sleep… the Nori cut right through my Lunesta…even the topamax doesn’t do that but my rising anxiety will. I was doing better a few months ago. So crazy. Hang in there, forum friend.
Gail : )

Ditto to Gail’s Hang in.

It takes as long as it takes, but a LOT of people on the board have found relief. Maybe not a permanent 100%, but increased control over our lives.