Full ears

Anyone else feel like they have fluid in their ears more often than not?

I have felt fluid in my left ear every morning since April 2015 after stupidly injuring my inner ear.

I almost laughed out loud when my first oto-neuro insisted this was just an ‘aberation’.

The amount has fluctuated a lot and there was one point it was ‘plugged full’ for 24 hours. On another occasion the fluid cleared by going on a run :slight_smile:

Now I just get a very tiny dripping/bubbly/popping feeling and not every morning. It’s got loads better (alongside improvement in all my other symptoms).

It’s a horrible and disconcerting symptom, I’m sorry if you get it a lot.

@mgstegner For the first 5.5 years or so of my MAV I didn’t have any ear trouble other than being prone to ear infections after getting a head cold (even though I had no prior ear infection history, even as a child). But then in the last year and a half or so I’ve woken up with ear fullness some mornings. It tends to mainly be one ear but occasionally both. I experience muffled hearing with it and occasionally pain. Also a worsened off balance feeling.

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I’ve had fluid mildy in my ‘good ear’ too. Damn odd.

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@turnitaround yes odd indeed, I don’t get it.

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How do you know it’s fluid?

What else would muffle, drip, glug, bubble, dry in eustachian tube and then crackle open? What else would collect and pool whilst sleeping then drain away when you stand up? Got to be fluid? In my case, though, I was also diagnosed with Hydrops so this probably causes leaks into middle ear.

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It’s yr ears so you know. I wondered if they click too. Do you exp full ears. I can but it’s sort of swollen full rather than filled with water cos it doesn’t swish I suppose.

I’ve only had a full ear for any length of time on two occasions, one lasting 24 hours.

Obviously the inner ear is full of fluid so its not there - unless there is some dynamic in the inner ear which is simulating ‘fullness’.

I think it’s more likely there is fluid in the middle ear that’s muffling hearing and somehow its stuck because of capillary action and the vacuum effect so it’s not draining away.

I guess the fluid I get in my middle ear is not enough to block it up so it simply drains away on standing up from bed.

Sometimes out of nowhere my voice vibrates in one or both ears…like when you get water in your ears. Sometimes feel it moving when I turn my head from one side to another, and Sudafed helps on days I feel like it’s really bad.