Full Moon and Migraines

Hi all. You might think this is odd but does anyones Migraines/headaches or MAV get worse around the full moon? I have noticed that I get a terrible headache around the full moon and have had a banging head all over the weekend. The moon is full tomorrow. Anyone else? R.

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Of course you posted this the weekend of the Wolf Ref Moon I believe which presumably could have worst adverse effects than ordinary Full Moons. I’ve no experience of such but after all many womens cycles sync with the lunar cycle. The Moon controls the tides so influences water and human body is 70%? Water, so just maybe there’s something in it. Helen

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Hi Helen. Definitely think I am ruled by the moon! It is too much of a coincidence.R.

My migraine vertigo gets really bad durring a full moon. I desperately am trying to find anything that will help me feel better durring these times. Has anyone ever found anything that helps them? I also read somthing strange that says parasites can act up surfing a full moon.

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Hi Kelly. You too. Thought it must just be me. You have opened another can of worms with the parasites theory. I am going to research this as I have ulcerative colitis as well! I do know that there is a connection with parasites and lots of other illnesses but where would you go to get tested? I haven’t found anything that helps the migraines during a full moon or been able to halt them. Let us know if you do. R.

HI Oak! I am seeing a LLMD and being treated for possible Lyme disease, I am going to ask her about parasites. I think you would have to do a stool test at a natural those doctor and they are very pricey. I have had stomach issues too in the past, where I could hardly eat nothing without throwing up but that has gotten better. I hope o cam get some more info for you. This is such a frustrating condition.

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Hi Kelly. What does LLMD stand for? I presume its a natural Doctor? I was tested for Lyme disease but the test came back clear, I am in the UK and I have read that the test isn’t reliable? You are in the USA aren’t you? You seem to have more alternative treatments out there. Keep me informed it would be interesting to know how to get on.R.

Hi oak, yes, I am in New York State. LLMD stands for Lyme literate medical doctor she us a natural type Doctor. The Lyme test is so unreadable, do you have Lyme symptoms? I had a bite/rash appear on my leg this October and have been antibiotics ever since. I hope this new doctor can help me more, I will be sure to share any advice she gives.

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Do you have lots of ticks there then. A bite/rash? Did you find the tick? Did medics confirm it was most probably tick bite?

What is crazy is my sister was diagnosed with Lyme disease this summer. Both of us never saw a tick but we both had rashes and symptoms. I have heard that Lyme cam even be spread through spiders. My doctor said it dose look like a bullseye rash amd is treating me fir Lyme. My sister and I also have the MTHFR mutation which makes us more likely to contact Lyme.

Oh, that’s interesting to know. It just seemed bit over the top to keep you on antibiotics all this time but if you have other suspectibilities. Oh, I’d recognise a tick or a tick bite. I’ve kept and on occasions bred dogs over the years and lived on a farm, and trained as a veterinary nurse. Occupational hazard but I don’t think Lyme is rife in UK. Quite rare in fact I’d say. Untreated I understand it can cause dizziness and similar to MAV symptoms which can muddy the waters. Helen

Hi. We wouldn’t have a doctor like that over here. I did have a rash on my lower right leg years ago, but probably a mosquito bite and it happened the following year. Wouldn’t know where to go for another test. My doctor did the blood test. I have read up about Lymes and it can cause a lot of nasty symptoms. Very interest in the Mthfr mutation as sure I have that. Let me know how you get on thanks.

Hi Helen. My Doctor told me it isn’t that rare, and there are cases of it in the UK. It is rife in the New Forest area. I have read up on it and my symptoms could have been Lyme but the test came back clear. R.

In the New Forest, eh. Holiday makers get it Imsuspect. Oh I knew a whole family of five from Hertfordshire who all got it on a short walk across a field to look at the river in a West Country orchard about fifteen years ago. Neither them nor the doctors locally had any idea why they all developed ‘flu’ in high summer and it was ages before they were diagnosed and treated. Yep, not very clued up some Doctors it seemed. Though in country areas it could well occur more rarely because local folk crossing grasslands would normally have covered their legs and feet if only to avoid snakes. Helen

I had a ‘flu-like’ illness in the summer of 2003 while I was on holiday and spent nearly the whole week in bed!I never properly recovered from it and they say you don’t get flu in the summer and it must be something else but what?I was only tested for Lyme a couple of years ago.I read that there are 3000 new cases a year and could be more.Another disease that maybe could be treated in the early stages but our NHS hasn’t got a clue. Very worrying.R.

My post has to do with the full moon last night, not Lyme disease last mentioned in 2019.

I woke last night with flashes of light. At first I thought we may be having an electrical storm or maybe it was a dream. Once I was sure I was awake, I closed my eyes again and saw the flashes of light. This is not a good sign as I usually get some sort of visual disturbance (lights at night, shadows during the day - my neuro calls it my aura) prior to a VM attack and sure enough that is exactly what happened.

I won’t get deep into too many of the gory details because you all know how it goes. This is quite a good forum, I never knew so many others could relate to my situation.

The point of my post was that I was baffled at what the trigger was until I stumbled on this topic and it hit me. Last night, we had a full moon and pressure changes of any sort are triggers for me. I grew up on an island in the north Atlantic at sea level and am fine at sea level, but have to take meds for altitude sickness in most destinations of high elevation. I’m very comfortable on the the sea. I sense the tides changing and storms coming. Actually that is one way I calm myself during my episodes, I just imagine being in a big ball tossed around at sea during a bad squall. Not exactly sure anyone else will relate to that being calming…lol :ocean:

I haven’t posted in a while. I am experiencing my worse bout in months or years. Primarily vertigo, dizziness and nausea, but also a mild lingering headache.

I read that some believe a full moon might contribute to migraines. I’m not sure what the scientific reason would be if there is one. Incidentally, a full moon and eclipse is expected to occur tomorrow, Sunday May 15

As an aside, I had an MRI a few days ago and the contrast may be the cause. Historically, it caused me nausea. Although, in recent years it hasn’t been a problem. This time they injected it very quickly and I almost felt like I was going to throw up.

I am also weekending at a higher elevation, which likely is only adding to the problem. This particular weekend destination caused me problems in the past, but it is only about 600-700m above baseline


I often ponder this exact question. My migraines have flared up since last week and we have had a full moon since this. Im very sensitive to pressures, that could be car, lifts, planes so I guess weather pressure is likely to start something off too.

I have heard a couple of my friends mentioned they they have strange feelings when it’s a full moon. There are lots of folklore stories of such things happening when there is a full moon, but nobody has given me any facts as yet.

This also affects my ears so it’s likely to be perhaps one of the reasons, all these triggers have to start something off and so I guess we just have to ride it out with rescue meds if you have some x