Full recovery

Hi everyone,

@moderator if possible could this be moved to success stories as I am unable to post there?

I just wanted to give an update coming into the New Year and hopefully spread some positivity!!

Following my last recovery post in June where I was at 95% recovery, just wanted to share that I feel I have made a full recovery from PPPD/vestibular migraine (shortly after my last post). The last time I had any real set back was in April 2023 for a few weeks, prior to going back onto the Ketogenic diet (which I now no longer need to do). I do occasionally, when run down or around time of the month, have a few spells of feeling slightly off balance (mostly only when walking) however this usually only lasts 1 or max 2 days, is sporadic throughout the day and I can more or less tune out of it, so I would realistically say the impact on my life is now 0%.

In my last post I attributed some of my success in overcoming this condition to diet - this is hard to conclude solidly but I do feel it had an impact.

Just want to remind everyone to stay positive, stay strong, and remember that you can overcome this!

Wishing a happy new year to all!!


Im so happy for you!! Iā€™m currently considering trying the keto diet. Were you taking any meds/supplements as well? For how long were you on the keto diet and for how long have you been off of it without getting a setback in the dizziness symptoms?