Functional medicine

Anybody tried to go to see a functional doctor? If yes, could you share your experience?

I’m very interested in this as well. Would love to hear of anyone’s experiences.

I had my first appointment, a lot of blood testing but no results before 3 weeks. They say that migraine is a symptom not the cause…

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Let us know what they say when you get the results!

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What is functional medicine ?

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this is a good explanation :slight_smile:


I saw one about two years ago. His main recommendations were:

  • Very strict 30 day diet that was basically just veggies, some fruits and meats
  • He would do some neck and cervical work on each visit
  • Supplementation (this is what made me stop going to him, as his office was selling these expensive supplements that, granted, did help, but were way too costly to take regularly)
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did you do all the blood testing?

I did - nothing abnormal

Try dr. Mark Hyman’s anti - migraine diet. I was migraine free for months while sticking to the regime. I don’t know if it works for vertigo

I found Dr. Hyman’s website and here is a page with a lot of suggestions for migraines:

I didn’t do everything he suggests in his blog, only the elimination diet which means: no monosodium glutamate, no sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, processed meat, acceto balsamico, eggs, peanuts and only occasionally I ate dried fruits. I reintrodruced eggs and peanuts later, and noticed they didn’t provoke migraine attacks. I drink youghurt (a dairy) and I am okay. Chocolate and alcohol are the worst migraine triggers for me. I drink 2-3 coffees daily(I didn’t listen to dr Human about that) and I drink magnesium (250mg) a day. It worked for me. I didn’t bother to mske any tests about food sensitivity or anything else

I am currently on Dr Surrenthiran migraine diet. (the 6 C diet) and lately gluten free. Until now I have no benefit from it. I am still looking for my triggers

I’ve been seeing a functional medicine doc for about 4 years (for treatment of a genetic disorder). I went to see him once I got the vestibular migraine diagnosis last year and his suggestions were things I was already doing: migraine diet (avoiding food triggers), taking magnesium and the other supplements recommended for migraine. That was about it.

@blueberry0 any updates on your bloodwork/progress?

Hi, yes :slight_smile:
I am low in vitamin D, magnesium, coq10, b12, b9, ferritin and iodine. I have low prognenolone and my homocysteine is high. I am taking 18 supplements in total, I know it’s a lot but I would try anything LOL.
I started taking all the supplements 10 days ago so I can’t really tell if it’s having any effect just yet.

@blueberry0 Wow that is quite a lot! But I am hoping that being low on those things is causing you to not feel good and that by raising those levels that you will start to feel much better! Keep me updated if possible! Would love to know how you are doing.

To be fair with effexor I did get good results I am already 90%. i was hoping to solve the 10% with this. I will keep you posted

I look like a pharmacy lol


@blueberry0 oh geez that’s a lot but I’m hoping it helps! Are you still taking Effexor or are you going to come off?