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Functional Neurological Symptoms

Very interesting website on a multitude of symptoms that many of us will suffer with:

It is interesting to read some of the peoples stories, who have suffered with vertigo and other neurological symptoms along the way.

I have suffered with many of these symptoms since the age of 18, in my earlier days especially the feeling that my arm (left or right) was somehow not connected to me, it didnt feel like my own, all part of the sensory symptoms described on the site.

Migraine is also talked about and I really believe there is such a close link between migraine and the rest of these neurological symptoms.

This website was fully updated December 2018 and I only noticed it today. Packed with relevant info for MAVers. Few, if any, direct mentions of MAV but it offers explanations people may find reassuring. Migraine is mentioned under “ Sensory Symptoms”. Written by neurologist. Helen

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I went searching for this site as a result of reading @elle84’s post on head movement and necks and @aehailey’s question on rocking/visible head tremor. A website I have visited many times in the past and found most insightful. Never really sure where the link if there is one comes between Functional Neurological Conditions and our ‘good old’ MAV. Migraine is mentioned as being another cause of dizziness however it seems to infer FNC occur independently. Whatever there are certainly many similarities. And lots of possible explanations on offer.

Jon Stone’s explanation of PPPD I find increasingly as if that could just be me and many others. Mine started purely with extremely bad vertigo the head pressure coming years later, but that’s another story. Helen


This is great, thanks so much for digging this up for me, Helen :heart: you are always an encouraging voice and I appreciate it so much.


@Louna_Lou click on the link top of page then read Clara’s Story under the 'Dizziness’tab. A typical example of PPPD.

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For the notes to physios open the link in first post then take the ‘treatment’ tab then Question 2 ‘how can exercise and physiotherapy help?’ Then scroll to bottom of page and pick up the link which mentions 2014 … Might help you.

And while you are there do read Clara’s story which is under Dizziness on the right hand side set of tabs. You might possibly relate to her I think.

This is an extremely good site courtesy of sponsorship by Scottish Health Service. I have read a lot on here. Don’t think I’ve noticed that before. Helen

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I feel like I’m experiencing PPPD but can it start from dizziness from a non ear medical event?

I think I have VM and Pppd but I have no idea anymore