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Functional Neurologist

I’ve been seeing a functional Neurologist for the past 5 months. It has been helping with the constant feeling if rocking on a boat, anxiety, depression and even the tinnitus. If I’m able to help one person, that will make having this nasty affliction worth while. I hope everyone is feeling good today. :grin:


Great that you’ve made progress! Can you describe how this treatment varies from a regular Neurologist?

Not heard of one of those before but guess if it works don’t knock it as they say. I assume they work on same principle as Functional Doctors. They try to root out a cause or at least test for all manner of deficiencies such as vitamin deficiencies that they feel might be involved. @blueberry0 was heavily into Functional medicine quite successfully at one point. Sure she’ll be interested to read more.

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could you tell us more about it? I am considering seeing one here but it is expensive and insurance does not cover