Gabapentin: dose questions

I just wondered for those who take or who have taken Gabapentin under Dr Surenthiran, did you increase your dose every 7 days or every 4-6 weeks. I thought at my appt he told me to increase by 100mg every 7 days until I get to 300mg but his letter says increase every 4-6 weeks??..

Also when you increase the dose are you supposed to take it spaced out through the day, so 100mg in the morning, 100mg at midday and 100mg at night? Or can you take it all at night or would that be less effective?

Thanks x

I can’t say anything about Dr. S’s regime, but gabapentin is one of those where the dosing really should be divided up over the day if possible. There are a few reasons for this, mainly half life and absorption issues. This is what I have always been instructed to do when I’ve been on it, but since you are unsure of when to up it, etc., I would probably call the office and ask for clarification. 4-6 weeks sounds pretty long between dose increases but I don’t know how they do things there. Someone at the office surely should be able to tell you what and why.

Hi Again Jem,

As you know I was prescribed Gaba very recently by Dr S - When I upped the dose it was definitely divided up over the day - 100mg morn/midday/night. I’ve still got the box to confirm.

As for the increments, I was told to increase 100mg every week. This was the first med I had been prescribed by him though so he may not have realised I’m as sensitve to meds as I am. If you had struggled previously perhaps he wants to take things very slow - always worth checking though.


Ok will definitely space it out in the day then.

Dean thanks for that. I was pretty sure he said increase each week to me at the appt and if that’s what he said to you also then I think the letter must be wrong. Have tried emailing his secretary so will see if she can confirm.

Thanks for the replies x

Jem, yes he definitely said start with 100mg at night for 7 days then, another 100mg at lunchtime and the 100mg at night for a further 7 days then 3 times a day after that! Not sure what happens after that - I never got there!


Thanks Anna. Where are you up to with it? Are you still taking the Gaba?

I have had 100mg for the last few days and so far it’s been fine. Very surprised as was expecting to feel awful. I have a feeling that might change when I increase the dose though! x

Good luck with the new med Jem,hope this provides relief for you, let me know how things go! xxx

Yes, good luck Jem as Anna suggests there seem to be a few of us who can’t get past the starting doses on some of these meds but it may well be right for you…

please let us know how you go with it. It’s certainly Dr S’ drug of choice at the mo it seems.

Yes will do guys. Thanks for your good wishes x

Hi Jem, he defo said to me 100mg at night for a week, then 100mg morning and night for a week then 100mg morning, lunchtime and at night for the following month. How are u getting on?? xxxx

Thanks Lizzie. It has been fine so far but only on 100mg at the moment. Hope you’re doing well x

I’m on 2400mgs split dose and I can take this drug in huge quanities it seems (hashtag Todd) and it saved my life (90-95%). It put all the electricity right back on the lanes it should be on! :lol:

How are you doing on this jem ?

Hi Dean

I am still on 100mg Gabapentin and it has been okay so far. I take it at about 9pm and maybe after an hour or two I feel really tired but as I am going to bed it isn’t a problem. What could be an issue is when I try upping it and that means taking another 100mg in the morning so a bit concerned that it will make me feel really tired during the day. Is that what it did to you?

Was thinking I will try increasing next week. I did get a reply from Dr S via his secretary and it still wasn’t very clear but I think he is basically saying up the dose when you feel you need to.

How is the Topamax going for you? x

Hi Jem,

I didn’t find the tiredness to be the main issue, it was there but it was the terrible headaches which hit me with it. They got me between 300-400mg. Hopefully this won’t be the case for you. Let me know how you go with your increase next week.

Struggling on the Topa… On the whole when I take the full 25mg does the headaches are much better (it doesn’t touch the other MAV symptoms but I would expect these to take many months), the trouble is the drowsiness and depression I get with them. I also find that they seem to wear off at around 6-7 each night and I get a bad headache each night. My brain feels extremely sensitive - worse than it’s ever been.


It’s really hard to know what to do isn’t it. I have had some neck pains recently and today I have a pain in my left side and all the time you wonder is it the meds or is it just coincidence. Such a minefield working out what’s for the best. I would just spend a bit longer on the low doses of Topamax and then if things don’t start to improve then maybe think about trying something else as I believe you need to get up to 100mg of Topamax usually for MAV and there is no way if you are struggling at 25mg. I do know some people do get over these side effects though so would hold out a bit longer.

Maybe you could try a different type of med next if Topa doesn’t work out, say nortriptyline or pizotifen which target serotonin more x

Hello Jem
I think about you often. Are you on gaba now then? Hope you get rid of this crap once and for all or to the point you can live normally and not by the condition I really do think it will happen for you.

Hey Donna, I am just adding Gabapentin yes, only at 100mg so far. I have been feeling okay in general. Not 100% by any means but a lot better than last year. Still never know when I will go worse so just taking each day as it comes and enjoying the good ones. Really pleased you are still doing so well. I hope your return to work goes smoothly. It’s great that the medication is working so well, gives everyone hope that it will be their cure. Keep us posted xx