Gabapentin gave me asthma!

Yer so after taking some tests it appears that Gabapentin has given me asthma, I had no asthmatic symptoms before I started these drugs then boom! have been off them almost 3 weeks now but my peak flow chart is all over the place, on inhalers and antihistamines. I can’t believe that whilst the MAV journey has not helped me at all it has now given me an extra ailment on top of what I have instead, I am seriously in a dark place right now.

ugh im sorry to hear this has your neuro ever heard of this before? is it possible you could have something else going on too like spring allergies??? topamax made me permanently worse, gave me all new dizzy symptoms, and made every med i took after my balance gets progressively worse so i basically cant try anything else or else i will be in a wheelchair. topamax also permanently messed with my memory it never recovered although its not terrible. i totally feel your pain about the meds- as if it wasn’t bad enough before right? i hope that the asthma calms down- where do u live? i live in the u.s. and things are just starting to bloom here with the snow melted…maybe that is contributing to this??? do u wheeze all the time or just during some times?

you could call a pharmacist and ask them if they have ever seen this happen and if it was permanent bc they have more experience and knowledge with these meds.

coincidentally ill be seeing him on weds, and ill be fascinated to hear what he has to say, im 30 years old, fit, healthy, athletic, never in my whole life had breathing problems. They are try all these MAV drugs and kaboom! I’m sorry to hear you about your topomax experience, i wouldnt have even touched that drug after what I read, I shouldn’t have tried gaba, I dont that use is even FDA approved. Obviously this experience has put me off all of these drugs!! i get attacks every now and then, the damage of the inflammation of the bronchi was caused by the drugs, now its just a question of things tipping it over, like at night time when I seem to suffer the most.

ugh well there was no way you could have known that this was going to happen and im sure ur dr. never warned you as i was never warned either. i think we both had super rare reactions to these drugs just crap luck i guess.