Gabapentin makes me really tired

I have just taken 100mg Gabapentin during the day (so far have only been taking 100mg at night) and I feel SO tired. I could literally just fall asleep right now.

Has anyone found this… I know the chemist did warn me it would make me tired. I don’t think I can function like this though. Does anyone just take Gabapentin at night? x

Hi Jem,

Yes i have this with pregablin. Give it a couple of weeks. Your body and brain just need to get used to it.

Hi jem,

I found it made me tired and a bit brain dead, especially for first couple of weeks. May wear off in time if you can cope with going up the doses.

Have you tried butterbur (petadolex) at all ? May be an option for you as us natural, clinically proven and has next to no side effects. Just a thought.


Thanks guys, good to know I’m not the only one!

Yes tired and brain dead sounds about right. I keep forgetting really simple things today and my eyelid has started twitching for some reason.

Not tried butterbur yet Dean. Are you having success on it?

gabapentin and lyrica both made me comatose. the key is to stay at that dose until the sedation wears off- if you just keep going up it probably won’t. also i found that gabapentin affected my memory a lot- i couldnt even remember what shows i liked to watch on what nights- but that did wear off completely with time. i think gabapentin can work if you only take it at night but it will work much better if you take it during the day too. Are you working now?

yeah stay on that dose until it wears off. You will be fine :smiley:

Hi jem,

Not started it yet but have done quite a bit of research. I’ve ordered some to take along with the propranolol - will let you know when I start on it.


Hey Jem…has it helped the dizziness? Hope so. xxxx

Hey Lizzie, I was on just 100mg at bedtime for a few weeks and I think it helps a little with the dizziness but today I had a dose in the morning as well and it just wiped me out for the day really. Couldn’t really judge the dizziness today because I was just so sleepy and drugged/drowsy. It’s a lot worse feeling like that than my normal symptoms which in general haven’t been too bad in the last couple of months.

How are you? Are you still just on the antibiotics and seeing benefits? xxx

Argh how frustrating that it’s making u so tired! I’m doing OK. Still up and down but the ups are better and last longer! Hoping it’s a good sign…what are u going to do? xx


Was that part of the Gaba titration – to go from just nighttime to adding a dose in the morning? Perhaps if you simply moved 25mg from the nighttime to the morning you wouldn’t have as much exhaustion because there would be less in the bloodstream?

Just a thought,


Not one single side effect for me. I could eat this stuff like crack :twisted:


Do you find the Gabapentin to be helping a lot?

By the way, do you have a lot of experience with crack? :shock:



Lizzie - not sure yet but think I may just stick on 100mg at night for now and see how that goes for a bit longer. Maybe I will get used to it… I did expect it to make me tired as even Dr S mentioned lethargy as a likely side effect but he didn’t say if that should wear off. I will speak to him about it during my next appt via telephone which should be in August I think. Hope you are doing ok today xxx

Andy - yes Dr S said 100mg at night for one week, then 100mg morning and night for a week, then 100mg three times a day thereafter. I think the smallest dose Gabapentin comes in is 100mg capsules. Unfortunately that seems to mean you can’t take less and because it’s a capsule I could not divide it down into 25mg doses, although I definitely would if I could…thanks :slight_smile:

Muppo - wow wish I was the same! Lots of meds seem to make me very tired. I was lucky that up to 35mg nori helps my energy but by 40mg it makes me groggy for some reason :?

— Begin quote from “apace41”


Do you find the Gabapentin to be helping a lot?

By the way, do you have a lot of experience with crack? :shock:



— End quote

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA only my imagination where the crack is concerned :lol:

The Gabapentin nailed my sh*t in a week. I was already on 75mgs Nori, and I remember me, my friend Kat and my partner David sitting there as I was about to take my first 100mgs GabaP and they both kissed the pill and prayed - that was on a Monday and by Wednesday I was another 50% better then by the end of the week I felt like a rock star!! I dragged every cupboard in the kitchen out, scrubbed the place inside and out with bleach, overhauled the whole kitchen and it took me 5hrs non-stop! Kat and David kept screaming “WE CAN’T LOOK” because they were waiting for me to crash.

But I did have a big relapse last July that stayed for 7 weeks and I literally went back to square one. I was terrified out of my tiny mind. Then one day at work it just went. Literally just stopped. F*ckin mental. Last Dec Dr S told me to go up to 2400mgs to see if I would get another hit that would clear up the rest of my crap so I could go back to work. Sadly not the case but I remain at that dose.

I still have hope that one day I’ll be able to work fully again. I miss it so much :frowning:

Thanks for the info, Muppo!

I saw some threads on medicinal marijuana and I thought maybe you had discovered medicinal crack! 8)

What a mixed bag for you. Having something that reset you like that and then having it stop working. Really weird, although I was really good on a mix of sertraline and klonopin that stopped working after a very long time for me last June. Been trying to recapture the magic ever since. :frowning:

You say you relapsed 7 weeks. Where are you now?


Muppo, I know you are doing really well on the nori/gaba mix but you said you can’t return to work or full-time work anyway. I tried to carry on working for the first year of MAV but made myself a lot worse overall so had to quit. I haven’t dared try going back to any proper work yet and I wondered if you had and found you couldn’t manage or do you just know you aren’t feeling ready for it yet? x

In the run up to my relapse last July, I was working full time again around 42 hours a week BUT I was doing a reception job in a Mercedes showroom that was made of glass so my brain thought I was outside!!! Even at my worst, when I was bed bound for 3 months, my mum and dad would pick me up to walk me around the block and I would perk up a bit and everyone maintained if we could just keep me outside for as long as poss, I would ease somewhat. So bizarre. So that’s why I took that particular job in the showroom. My relapse eventually came about in this job and I had to leave because I was so chronically sick again.

After that I was at home ill for about 6 wks and then I took a job that was just a 10 week contract for 30 hrs a week. The first week nearly killed me. Then the following week on the Monday it started to ease, Tuesday I felt pretty good and Wednesday it was gone. Mental. That 30hrs was pushing me to my limit which is when I knew that full time work is simply not an option. I know I couldn’t manage more than 3 days a week and I need 10-12 hrs sleep a night.

I miss my work life so much. So, so much. I need to build a bridge, and get over it.

That sounds a bit like me. I was working full time as a solicitor when MAV hit. I took a month off then returned doing 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. Then after a few months I increased it to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. I continued with that for 8 or 9 months by which time those 27 hours a week were killing me and I was almost collapsing with fatigue. I wasn’t properly diagnosed then and the doctors just would not really acknowledge what, if anything, was wrong. I went to see the GP and they signed me off for one week with ‘viral illness’. When I went back again the next week for another sick note, the doctor would only give me a note saying I had to return to work the next day doing 4 hours a day for 4 weeks then I could see about increasing again. As I could hardly get myself out of bed, I decided that I had no option but to resign as the doctors were just not supportive of me being off. If I didn’t have my partner to support me I think I would have killed myself. It irritates me so much when people go on about it being so easy to get benefits in this country etc etc. In my experience you would be lucky to be signed off by the GP long-term if you were dying x