Gelatin capsules

Howdy folks,

I just received some things I ordered from the States on iHerb –- namely feverfew, and some new fish oil caps. I tried one dose of feverfew yesterday and was dizzy within 20 minutes and then headachy for most of the day. :frowning: So next I have been trying the new fish oil. I have used an Australian brand for some time with no issues at all. However, this new version is packaged in a different type of gel cap. Here’s what it says on the bottle:

Softgel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, purified water). It also says below this that it contains “soy”.

I’ve had two rounds of this stuff with the latest this morning. My head feels bad and is getting worse. I’m not yet 100% certain it’s the fish oil caps but I recall someone saying that the caps themselves may be migraine triggers (ridiculous that even this might be a trigger … everything is a bloody trigger it seems).

Anyone know much about this or experienced a ramping up of migraine from taking a gel cap?

Thanks … Scott 8)

Well gelatin contains msg so I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to that. I don’t have a problem with gelcapsules

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Well gelatin contains msg so I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to that. I don’t have a problem with gelcapsules

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So they definitely contain MSG Mikael? What rotten luck … I need to find some more info on the manufacturing process of these things. Interestingly the Aussie verison was in an enteric cap and was not translucent. I’m going to go back to it. It was expensive though which is why I went for this US brand.

Just found this on another forum:

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Thanks for posting here about GELATIN CAPSULES.

Gelatin is another of those substances that can trigger the MSG-reaction, and many of us have for decades unwittingly POISONED ourselves by taking health-food supplements packaged in GELATIN (usually it is animal gelatin, but sometimes it is vegetable gelatin).

I kept taking all sorts of food supplements to try to cope with many health problems, including CFS. But nothing ever seemed to help! Finally, after at least ten years of this (and countless dollars thrown down the drain for health food supplements in capsule form), it dawned on me that those little gelatin capsules wrapped around the health food supplements were TOXIC to my system!

I learned to remove the supplement from the gelatin capsule and if necessary, mix it up with a little orange juice or fruit drink, to take it without poisoning myself with gelatin.

Unfortunately, MANY medicines also come packaged in gelatin wrappers. Still have not found a solution for that, although taking the med in orange juice might work.

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I don’t know if this person is stretching truth but given how my well-being has gone down the drain 10-fold since having the caps this morning, I have to wonder. :shock:

I have always assumed that all gelatin contains MGS and wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. It has meant having to pass on so many otherwise good supplements and hunt around for alternatives. But I feel it is worth doing that. In Debbie
Anglesey’s Battling the MSG Myth book it says, “Foods always contain MSG when gelatin appears on the label.”(her underlining). I assume that would apply to supplements as well.


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I have always assumed that all gelatin contains MGS

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Oops! I meant MSG of course! :smiley:


Thanks Brenda. Given the result I had today and this info, I’m not touching the stuff again. I’ll have to either give them away or drain the oil out of them and have it straight up! Yuk … not sure I can handle that first thing in the morning. :roll:



The fish oil I take, by the spoonful, can be taken with twice the quantity of milk or water before mealtimes. Might you be able to do that? Unless like me you eat neither citrus or dairy. I’ve got used to the taste of pure fish oil now but it was pretty gross at first!


Hi Scott,

I was trying to come off my syndol with the caffeine and looked for some paracetamol and codeine. First I tried a chemists own brand which had E223 in it, I burped for 5 hrs after taking them (the E223). So I looked for something with no additives, only thing was paracodol (in gelatin capsules). I noticed every time I took them I was dizzier and nauseous so I ordered the empty vegecapsules, around £4.00 for 100. This way, I open the capsule, tip just half the powder in and take them that way, no problem. I have used the vegecaps to split all sorts of tablets in the past, antibiotics etc. If you get the vegecapsules you may not have to waste what you have bought, a bit fiddly, but then we are used to that.


Thanks Christine. I didn’t touch them today … I’m still having a bad time though. I seem to be in a MAV rut again this week. :frowning:

I’m going to give Verapamil a go on Saturday or Sunday and hope I can handle it this time … and that it eventually works!