General time frame to allow side effects to die down?

How much time do you guys tend to wait to allow side effects of a drug to potentially go away to understand if you are tolerating the drug well? I started Effexor XR 37.5mg 6 weeks ago and have been having a big increase in depression, mood swings and anxiety. I know this is normal at the beginning of treatment but then no one ever says the cut off point of when the side effects are supposed to die down. My Dr said that 4-6weeks is the generally time frame to know how well you tolerate the drug but then I see online that some peoples side effects get better when they increase the dose or after it has been 3 months! (Which seems like such a long time to wait).

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seems on-par with the general start-up time of venlafaxine. Its a drug that takes a long time to work, but has quickly become one of the most effective migraine prophylaxis drugs. You’re doing the right thing by giving it time, but I would say that if it doesnt start to die down within a couple weeks, then have a conversation with your doctor about it. Even though its highly effective for lots of people, its not the best drug for everyone