Generalized anxiety disorder

Good evening everyone. Although I have suffered for many years with anxiety…I was never formally diagnosed until recently. Actually about 3 weeks ago.
It has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least.
My anxiety had gotten soo bad till I was basicly a shut in. If I didn’t have to leave my home I wouldn’t…and that was fine with me.
Simple trips to the grocery store would have me shaken & stired to say the least. Even sitting on my front porch was out of the question.
It was soooo bad.
I have lost several jobs ( or should I say quit) because of how many bad episodes I would have.
I had to do something… The thing is…my demographic of people don’t really accept any type of mental illness easily. Its all bottled in one flat and straight forward category “CRAZY”. And to be honest…sometimes this anxiety makes me feel just that.
Well here I will share my journey with you all…because right now its my own personal bag of shit that I have to keep to myself and figure out for now…and I know at least 1 of you may be able to relate…well I hope you can.
I will be honest & upfront with everything…good…bad…or indifferent.
Wow…just the thought of having an outlet makes me feel a little…well…happy :relieved:

Has a vestibular condition been ruled out? Because an undiagnosed vestibular condition could be giving you anxiety without you knowing it. ‘GAD’ sounds like a wonderful bucket diagnosis given to patients when the underlying cause can’t be determined. Sounds familiar …

I wasn’t checked for any vascular defects…but my thyroid was checked and is all good.

Good afternoon… I’ve been on meds for a couple weeks. Lexapro & busbar. I also take Lisinopril for high blood pressure caused by my extreme anxiety. I also take trazodone for sleep at night.
Just yesterday I was prescribed a pill that I forget the name of…but it’s to help with the weight gain since I’m almost 250 from binge eating & to help stop smoking.
Adjusting to allll this medicine is a rollercoaster ride. I feel like I have to stick to what the Dr suggests for now. Even if some days I feel a hot mess.
The anti anxiety meds seem to be working a bit…but I still feel like the rabbit in the hole. Just able to peep out more often then not.
I even had a milestone moment…I sat on my porch for about 15mins…& days after went to the grocery store without feeling as though I was about to freak out.
I’m thankful for the small things at this point. Got a new job just as I was starting meds and its a bit of a struggle point. Even on meds I feel that anxiety wins over a lot.
Oh well…progress is progress though.

vestibular not vascular! :smiley:

Lol… I’m sooo new to all of this formal treatment soI don’t even know what that is lol

Balance. When you have a balance issue (however subtle) it can cause anxiety. Just worth checking out.

I don’t think I have a balance issue. Haven’t been checked for that…but I don’t think so.