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Get into Herbal & Caffeine-free Tea in a big way!

There are so many wonderful herbal & caffeine-free teas and not all of them involve fruit! (yeugh!!! :nauseated_face:)

Now I’m sure there are many here who love a cup of cawfee :coffee: but there are phases of MAV during which you can totally get worse from caffeine, so get experimenting with the huge numbers of varieties of herbal tea.

My particular favourite is Spiced Ginger tea (which is on the Recommended Products Page). Feel free to reply with your favourite below!

(Be careful though, some herbs are not benign: I managed to overdose on one variety (I was having > 7 cups a day of it) and my tongue went numb for days!).

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I love any tea with licorice…yumm


I am about to order the spiced ginger from amazon. All the ginger tea have has strong gingery taste. Hope this one has other flavors i can taste as well

It’s the best ginger tea recipe I’ve found. Lemon and ginger I’m personally not a fan of. Liquorice on its own. Nah. But somehow the two together are fantastic. Also liquorice is supposed to be good for the inner ear.


Trouble is with Lemon & Ginger is really it’s Lemon, Lemon, and Ginger. Love the Spiced Ginger. And Joy of Joys I ‘found’ a brand new unopened box in the back of my dresser only last night. I’d forgotten how good it was. I would really love to believe licquorice is good for the inner ear. I love it. Always have some in the cupboard.

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