Getting headaches- start up SE of Topamax?

hi! Hoping for some guidance. Getting onto Topamax is a bit of a struggle!

I increased my dose to just 37.5 mg a week ago and have literally had a headache ever since. It’s a different type of headache to my norm. A real pressure in the back of my head and ache. It gets worse within 45 mins of taking the tablet but literally stays with me all day and night.

Has anyone had headache as a SE? Does it get better?

This is doing my head in because its making me feel worse and panadol won’t even help the pain. Got to keep working and its getting exhausting!

Thank you x

My dose is not as high as yours but with the first three days on topamax I had a wicked headache that started about an hour after taking it that lasted all night and into the next day. Is it helping your dizziness yet? I’m still suffering with increased dizziness.

It’s not an easy path to take but I hope it will be worth it for you.
I’ve had daily headaches since I started on the Topamax (which the Dothep had under control for quite a while!) varying in intensity. A couple of times have taken Naramig (a migraine headache abortive) when the pain was so bad I wasn’t able to sleep. So what with the extra dizziness, brain fog, tiredness, nausea, stiff neck, etc it hasn’t been an easy ride!
I’m now coming up to the end of my 3rd week at 37.5mg and side-effects are reducing plus visual vertigo is showing signs of improvement in small ways. I’ve started having physio twice a week which has helped relax my body. Still very ‘up & down’ from day to day though.
Hang in there. Can you take some ‘sick leave’ to get you over this rough patch?

Im getting the same with sertraline after 1 month. Headache was not a symptom before i started these. I thought after 1 month it would have gone. Questioning my choice of drug now. These decisions are adding to the stress of this crappy.condition.


when i first started ami i got monster headaches every single day for 3 weeks…finally couldnt take it after that so quit- I wish I had hung in there for a month though…but it certainly makes things more difficult if you work- I would try for a month adn then after that if the se don’t go away i think they probably won’t.

Thanks everyone. It’s really hard. Headaches weren’t a huge feature of my MAV (I got hormonal headaches but other than that, not a lot.) So having a non stop headache for 10 days and with it feeling like my balance and motion intolerance is getting worse, is tricky. I have so much hope resting on this drug- I’m scared for it to not work! I hope it can make you feel this bad and stil turn a corner !! I wil keep hanging in there a bit longer. Barb - I can’t take leave at the moment and to be honest, when I can get to wrk I’m better off there as I’m a worrier and too much time on my hands only means more anxiety. However, I’m resting where I can. I am trying to slow life down a bit. My biggest concern is how much worse I feel at 37.5 than I did at 25mg! Wish there was a magic pill for us all !!

I got terrible headaches when i first started ami too x