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Getting Push Notifications for Mvertigo 🎵

Quick note on Notifications on phones and tablets.

  • mvertigo will send you an email when it believes there is something of interest you should be aware of.

  • You may have noticed that on desktop, you will be prompted to allow web notifications in your browser.

  • Chrome on Android should support web notifications out of the box, but be sure to check if you’ve permitted mvertigo notifications.


On iOS (both on iPhone and iPadOS on iPads), web notifications are not implemented (grrr :angry: Apple)

There are two solutions:

The Discourse Hub app is especially useful on your phone.

You can also get Discourse Hub app for Android on Google Playstore:

DiscourseHub - Apps on Google Play

* Discourse forums may look a little different because of customisations and unique theming, but they often have a lot of layout, controls, functionality, behaviour, default pages and icons in common, so it is usually fairly obvious if a forum is based on Discourse.

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