Getting there

It’s time, I have been holding off from writing as every time I say I feel good I have a bad day :sweat_smile:
I am 100% nearly all the time, I am still sensitive to fluorescent light but not all of them, I go to shop and supermarkets no problem (my office light less so). Thanks to the lockdown I have been working from home… a part from 2 days with minor symptoms I m feeling really well.
I must say that whenever I have low ferritin my brain can’t cope so I will get this checked on a regular basis.
I am currently on effexor 37.5 and trying to get off the nortriptyline; it was going great until I started to get restless legs so I went back to 35 mg, will try again to go down next week. For those of you who don’t know me I had VM since December 2016 and on meds from 2017.
I hope this post can help some of few feeling that there is hope to get back to a normal life.


Fantastic Joanna! Well done for getting through all that!!!

We were getting a bit dry with posts in this Category, so thank you very much for sharing.

I wish you the very best in continued improvement!


Hi there! Did you start on Effexor since 2017? And currently youre taking effexor and nortriptyle together? Which med is what for exaclty ? Thank you

I am on 37.5 effexor and 35 nortriptyline ( together) both since 2017