Getting your hair done.....bad trigger?

Hi was wondering if anyone struggles when getting their hair done. Over the years it has always left me wobbly so I found someone who would come to my house so I didn’t need to use the back wash for rinsing my hair, I actually jump in the shower afterwards now which is much better. In the past year have only managed to have my hair highlighted twice due to the awful dizziness that occurs. Today was no exception. He spent an hour or so using foils to separate hair to be highlighted and I went into an awful dizzy spell, room moving and my balance was just terrible just like last year when I was really bad. I don’t think movement set up off more with him touching my head? Does anyone else experience this. Feeling really awful now despite a little sleep.


Ang that sounds horrible. I don’t get my hair done at the hairdressers, I do it myself so I am not sure how it would affect me. I did want to say - changing topic here - that I was re-reading the’ Heal your Headache’ book today and I saw it mentioned about people who have migraine and it makes them feel faint or faint sometimes. I just recalled you saying this happened to you sometimes when you try to go to sleep. Thought if you had the book you might want to take another look at that part x

Hi Jem I bought the migraine brain book but will try and source the one you mention as would like to see that section. Talking of fainting just had bad episode whilst stood up after I had used the computer to write my post. Shouted my daughter as was so scared. I an getting to the end of my tether now. Every day a struggle that I manage to muddle through to have a life and then I do something very simple like get my hair done and wham a bad episode. I could cry my heart out so much but know it won’t help but tears in my eyes now. Sorry to moan I know we all suffer but why can’t we get well. I don’t want to do extraordinary things just am ordinary happy life. I an going. N get my e n t man to refer me to neurologist this month. I hear you all talk about Dr s and I just wonder if there are any specialists in the north west Manchester more specifically. Anyway going. N find that book when can look at laptop again . Angela

Ang I totally sympathise and feel just the same. I really want to feel normal and it is getting me down so much. By the way I live near Manchester too! I saw Dr Silver who consults from Warrington if that’s any use to you? I also saw Dr S in Kent but that required a stay in a hotel as it is too far to travel in one day. PM me if you like x

I have neck issues myself and what I do is just come into the salon with wet hair- when I schedule the appt i explain that I dont want them to wash the hair- so then I just get a cut and get out. I guess with coloring it is more difficult unless you want to do it yourself at home.

Angela, what meds have you tried?

Jem is doctor silver private or n hs. I an in bupa so could get to see someone privately. Warrington would be a nightmare trip but would be worth it to see someone who specialises in this. I will try and message you when I work out how to. Using my phone at moment and is a pain.

Sarah I an still taking all the usual menieres medication and have done for 15 years and taking pizotifen since beginning of November. Only been at 1.5 for a few weeks so will give it a bit longer maybe before I try anything else.

Dr Silver does private and NHS I believe. I saw him on the NHS at Warrington but his base is at The Walton Centre in Liverpool if you want to google him. I would say that if you want a lot of meds to try then he is your man. He gave me a list of 5 options. However if you want to see someone who can explain MAV to you and have a more empathetic approach then I would advise seeing Dr Surenthiran. It depends what you want to get out of the appt really x

I want something to make it all go away so I will try anything to be honest. Will google a bit later when I get some strength and can stop crying. Thanks Jem for your help x

Yes me too, you’re not alone. I know just how you feel and if you want to chat more then just PM me x

hi - i had probs with the hairdressers so have never gone back, thankfully my sis in law does hair so comes to my house. Fo0und the mrrors and moving chair in the hairdressers a nightmare too so you are not alone. I am not great with head massage or anythng either, so think its all related.
I see Dr S in Kent - he is private and NHS, nearest to you would him practising in central london on a saturday.

I’ve avoided salons of any kind, especially hair salons. They really mess me up.

So, you’re not alone

Hi. I’m sorry for the struggles you are going through right now. I’m sending some positive thots your way & prayers (I’m not a religious person but do think prayers help).

I get the very same reaction at the hair salon. Normally my dizziness is more like boat legs (rocking) but for whatever wonky reason, when I go to the salon I get spinning dizzy, frightened, palpitations…it sucks. But, I will admit that I still go. I’ve just lessened how often and I take 1/2 of a .5mg tablet of Klonopin 30 min prior to my appt. It really helps. It doesn’t get rid of all the “salon symptoms” but it does cut them in half and it makes me so relaxed that I just don’t care. :slight_smile:

This disorder is such a … well, I can’t think of a word that would emcompass all that it does to us and our lives.

I personally have found help from “Heal Your Headache” and “The Migraine Brain”. One book that helps me with anxiety is by Dr Claire Weeks and it’s called “Self Help for Your Nerves”. Another one to help with anxiety is “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” by Rachael Malai.

I hope the cry helped. Sometimes we just have to. As long as it doesn’t cause a headache. :roll:

I’m thinking of you & wishing you well.

I worked for three years at a hair salon and found that this was the biggest trigger for my vertigo. I took two months away from work and had no migraines. The first day I went back to work I got a migraine, by three days back I had vertigo again. As soon as someone starts hair spraying I get rotational vertigo now. I would suggest going first thing in the morning for a haircut and avoiding the chemicals involved with colouring.