I know ginger has been mentioned in many places, but I thought it would be more helpful to have a topic specifically on it.

Years ago I was getting what I thought were migraine. A friend also had migraines and advised me to add fresh chopped ginger to my coffee in the percolator drip basket. I liked it and started making fresh ginger tea, pretty strong. Loved that. My headaches went away permanently. Lucky me. Then this Vertigo Migrabrain kicked recently with 24/7 vertigo and what feels like anxiety and bad neck and back pain, and nausea. So now I drink a couple BIG cups of fresh ginger blended with water and sweetener every day. I think it reduces all the symptoms, for me. I make it very strong, but I also happen to like it. I don’t filter it.

Keep stacking up all the things that help, and hopefully we can be functional. Best of love and luck to all.


Of course ginger’s been used for centuries for nausea and motion sickness and indigestion. Expectant mothers nibbled ginger biscuits. I used to munch on crystallised ginger on long car journeys. I love the stuff. Just waited as a kid to get a prescription for ginger cake or gingerbread men issued by my doctor but it never happened. Unfortunately I wouldn’t imagine the amounts used for culinary purposes would be sufficient to have any effect on medical conditions though it’s worth a try. No doubt ginger tea using the fresh product would be much more powerful. There are ginger herbal teas on the market I quite like too.

Anything that helps is useful although I can never stop wondering how/why things do help. Exactly what are they doing. I’ve just read ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which I didn’t know so maybe that’s some of it at least. I was surprised by the following. Not so much that it worked because the resultant vertigo probably caused feelings of nausea but the fact ginger was ever tried in the first place.

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Ive cut back on caffeine dramatically- but enjoy warm drinks so instead of tea of coffee I drink ginger and lemon tea. It’s good for my nausea definitely. I would drink it and eat ginger biscuits when I had evening sickness whilst pregnant.

Er, lemon is citrus. Could be a problem. I found the ginger n lemon herbal teas seemed 95% lemon by taste. Just going on tastebuds I went to spicy ginger instead.

Just got a bag of crystalized ginger. Took a few bites before a long drive today, felt soooo much better than most days. Idk if it’s a fluke. Going to keep trying, def did not have that nauseous feeling, dizziness was minimal.


I got through a good few bags of ginger too early on and thoroughly enjoyed it too. I love it. It will reduce a mild feeling of nausea and also indigestion. Not powerful enough for full blown MAV type nausea. Well not for me anyway. And all that coating sugar does nothing but increase the ear pressure. Pity really cos I do love it.

I dont use the dried sugared ginger. What works, significantly well, is a VERY strong ginger tea. I started to get migraines years ago and drank that for a couple months and never had headaches again.

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I found a new twist on the ginger. I was going boating and was looking for Dramamine for the family. Lo and behold they have Non-Drowsy Naturals Dramamine which is literally just 1,000 mg of ginger in a capsule form. I took that and felt fine on a boat for five hours. My nausea prone son was also fine. Neither of us needed the regular dramamine/bonine/meclizine so nobody was drowsy. I’ve since used it several times. Now it lives in my rescue kit. It was especially useful last week as I was doing the recover from Botox purge fun. :nauseated_face:

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Yeah, it’s true. Ginger has a lot of health benefits. That is why my morning will not be completed without a cup of ginger. Cheers!


I ran on a similar mindset for many years convinced giving up chocolate, something I had read in a Sunday newspaper as a teenage girl, had totally stopped my ‘sick headaches’ only to discover many years later that migraineous headaches that stop abruptly often return at a later date as vertigo/dizziness… I came to the conclusion a change in hormones had probably stopped my headaches and my chocolate cessation must have been coincidence.