Giving birth with a vestibular disorder


I’ve had a look through old posts and can’t find anything related to this

How have people managed during labour and giving birth?

I gave birth 4 years ago and went unconscious 10 minutes after delivering my son, when I started hemorrhaging. I’m considering having another baby but I’m scared that my vestibular migraine could have contributed to me going unconscious for 2.5 hours. I came round after I’d had a blood transfusion, so the timings indicate that it was the hemorrhage, but there’s an inch of doubt. (I don’t even know if my illness will manage having another baby but I’m improving every month with physio :crossed_fingers:)

I have an appointment with a midwife to discuss things next week, but they don’t know much about VM. What are your experiences of giving birth? Did your vestibular disorder affect it in any way?

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I have been wondering too about experience of VM during labour but couldnt find any posts.
Congratulations! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my little surprise baby.

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Aww congratulations! I’ve been having a think about it and I only went unconscious when I hemorrhaged which is normal, I don’t think it was because of VM.
One thing I’d do differently is make sure I eat and drink regularly during labour because that’s a big trigger for me. In my notes there are a few times I said I felt faint, but I was in labour for 14 hours overnight so I’d also try to sleep more. I’d been awake for 26 hours when I gave birth which is another trigger for me

Stress is a major trigger for me so I am feeling a little unsure! Thank you so much for the advice x

Me too, I did hypnobirthing and it really helped my stress and anxiety. The midwife couldn’t believe I was having 3 contractions every 10 minutes because I was so calm :smile: Maybe you could look into it?

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Thank you I will!

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