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Going on a cruise


I went on one before I was diagnosed, before I started having problems and loved it. I’m just scared I’ll get sick.

It’s 8 days in the Caribbean. I’ve so excited about it as well as being nervous.

Anyone have suggestions on things to do as far nausea goes? I mean I have meclizine and phenergan but just for little spells.


Does valium do any good for you? It’s the only drug that keeps me alive during attacks (like now).


I do have valium thank goodness. it will certainly be going with me!

Funny thing about valium is that the 4 or 5 times I’ve hit it hard because I’ve been spinning out with vertigo, it has killed any migraine pain issues. Happened again today after probably knocking back 15 mg over the last two days. Why is it that the only drug that agrees with me is an addictive tolerance building drug that is so hard to get from a GP here. Grrrr


hey ds!

a while back, i exchanged personal messages with somebody on the board. can’t remember who right now but remember he was really nice. anyway, i had commented in some random thread that i would never be able to go on a cruise. he took the time to pm me and tell me his story. if i am remembering correctly, it was something to this effect. he and his wife had always traveled. since having mm, he had to quit. she begged him to try a cruise. he did and he was just fine on it! he said they have gone on to do several more cruises and he was always fine. he said the larger boats have good stabilizers that really negate that rolling feeling. he also had some good advice about the best place to get a room on the ship to avoid rolling. unfortunately, i don’t remember that right now. seems like it was in the middle and not too high up. i still haven’t tried a cruise myself but that gave me some hope. if you want, i can dig through and see if i remember who he was and let you know.

hope you have a blast!!

I think it is gardenfish Nikki that goes on the cruises but I may be wrong. I hope you have fun! Let us know how that goes with the valium. My husband wants to go on another cruise but I am afraid to try it with my MAV and MM.

I’m going to be riding on a train this weekend so I’ll see how that goes first then move up to boats.

it is a huge boat, it’s one of the second largest ships in Carnival’s line. We’re actually in the middle, not too high up with minimal noise where we’re going to be.

I am so excited about it. Here’s to hoping it all goes great!