Going out and getting hammered

I dont recommend this approach to anyone but I had a strange experience this weekend which I thought I’d share…
Sat night went out for a mates stag do. I thought before this would possibly be a terrible idea but as we’ve all said before…life must go on…My main worry was I had a Christening to attend on Sunday…So, Sat night started a bit rough, slowly got more and more bladdered until the point where the dizziness and the alcohol merged to a point where it was no longer noticeable.Not a clue how I got home but woke on the sofa (next to a pizza - excellent diet aswell :? ) late Sunday morning. Feeling horrific (real hangover now mixed with my everyday hangover) I had not much time to worry about it all as I had an hour to get to church…The hour then spent in church was hell (possibly not the most pc word choice but you get my drift) and I couldnt get outside quick enough.Feeling gradually worse and worse I then had to go to the post christening meal. Head was now all over the place so at this point I went for the ‘easy way out’ and decided to repeat Sat nights techinque of drinking through it and if successful save my Sunday whilst effectively ruining not only my Monday, but most likely Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday etc…Heres the strange thing…On Monday I didnt feel any worse than any ‘normal’ day and today was the same…This could now be the kiss of death and tomorrow could be a disaster but why I ask myself, did I feel so bad Sunday after one night, but infinately better after 2???

I’m not advocating getting drunk as a good idea by any means, but just a note to say that we dont always have avoid things/nights out/events through fear of the consequences


Totally agree - sometimes there just ain’t no rhyme nor reason to the thing!

I’m sure it’s not recommended :?

Just FYI…
Alcohol increases GABA in the brain…so it could be something related there…I personally feel low GABA is one of the things that I suffer from. Benzos increase GABA as well. It calms down the excitatory neurotransmitters.
You can take GABA over the counter, but it isn’t supposed to really work, as we don’t really absorb it and turn it into GABA. There are some supplements that work to increase it, like L-Theanine (which is found in green tea).


Your story made me chuckle – especially feeling like hell while in church! lol. That is interesting that you were able to hit the booze so hard and survive like that. I’ve had moments where a few drinks kills me and others where there is no real fall out. Over the weekend after a 13.5 hour trip on a jet I knocked back a gin and tonic. The next night while in LA, a glass of white wine which I normally avoid like the plague. My head was sore on the Monday morning but soon vanished on the jet to Toronto.

I’m going to take Kelley’s advice and try a gin and soda one night instead of the tonic. It could be that tonic is worse than the gin I think. Clear spirits are probably ok if you drink lots of water with them.


Maybe when I’ve been on the diet longer . . . clear spirits sound like a way to get hammered, but to me that doesn’t sound good. I drank to enjoy feeling mellow or high-spirited, and to be truthful I drank for flavor as much as anything: porter, dark ale, liqueurs, single malt , sweet sherry, Irish and sweet vermouth . . . at this point, I still think, “Vodka and soda? Why bother?” Mayhaps I’ll change my view. Or maybe pot will be legalized even for osteoarthritic geezers like me, and I can sprinkle it in pasta sauce, as I used to when young and cocky–but unwilling to hit my mouth and lungs with smoke. I happened to like that flavor, too. (Don’t tell me it’s chock full of tyramine!)

As predicted with a previous reply, my Wednesday and Thursday were a washout, today is just starting to feel a bit of relief…I ‘assume’ this is a delay from the alcohol, but it could be the sleep pattern change, food or pretty much anything and not related to the weekend blowout at all???

Thats the problem when trying to live a life with this…Identifying a trigger is nigh on impossible it seems unless we eat only rice, drink only water, go to bed at the same
time as most 8 year olds, dont have a lie in, dont watch TV or go on the computer, exercise instead - but dont over exercise of course


When this all started I began drinking wine EVERY night. It always made me feel better! I did not know how it effects GABA!!! It has been over 2 years and I am still drinking a glass or 2 every night. It my only relief after a long dizzy day! I wonder if it effecting my GABA levels and in turn making the problem worse or is the REAL reason for the dizziness??? Can any one help??

I don’t know the answer to the question but back when i did drink i used to not get dizzy for several days afterwards!!!


Most defifnitely could be the cause of your dizziness. I find that taking Klonopin is the only thing that helps take away my dizziness…it is GABA related. What is your experience with benzos? The problem is that a lot of docs don’t want to prescribe them, but if the underlying brain chemistry is that we don’t have enough GABA, then all the serotonin/norepinephrine enhancers aren’t really going to do much.

I’m reading about different pathways in the brain where things get messed up…it could be one of the neurochemicals like serotonin, or norepinephrine, or GABA…or even Dopamine…it could be a problem with the electricity …different meds affect different routes…so if you take an SSRI and it doesn’t help dizziness, it means sero wasn’t your problem. That’s where I’m at…I’ve been taking Cymbalta and it has helped some of the issues that rose from my initial complaint of dizziness…I got anxious and depressed worrying about my health, and then I developed insomnia…all this stuff got better while on Cymbalta, but I still have my original complaint…visual “off” lightheaded dizziness 24/7. What helps? Klonopin.
So my internist says it’s anxiety…my neurologist says take the Cymbalta up higher…but what if it’s simply my body not getting the GABA it needs? My Dad and his Dad were both alcoholics…which could be trying to self medicate for either low sero or GABA…
I feel there is an underlying root cause of these problems…if one class of meds isn’t working (and you should try 2-4 diff ones) then try another…you can google “how to raise GABA levels” or “GABA agonists” and learn a lot online about which drugs/supplements will help.

Hope that sheds some light on this subject…

Hi Kelley, Intersesting! How are you going to raise your GABA levels??? I know when I take xanax my dizziness is a lot better, but I do not want to keep taking them the rest of my life!! Also doesn’t taking Benzo’s make your body not able to produce GABA on its own???

Good question, unfortunately I don’t have an answer. I can ask my dr next time I see him. I looked up GABA agonists, and analogues…you can take l-theanine, and l-glutamine to help raise GABA naturally. I believe most anticonvulsants affect GABA… I know neurontin does. I will look into it. There is a really good book called “the Edge Affect”… it has questionnaires to determine where you might have deficit. Then tells you what you can do to help balance it out.
Was recommended by my pharmacist.

You know, usually after a big, big night l feel better. Like just this past week, l had 3 big sessions, after the third l thought l better slow down just in case, and it being that time of the month when l can get mav, l didn,t get anything yet. I actually felt better. Maybe alcohol does something to stop symptoms sneeking through? Have any studies been done on alchohol and effects on mav?


Alcohol is a depressant. It increases GABA, which is the relaxing neurotransmitter.

Sorry for my ignorance but what is gaba?

Also, l don,t think there is anything wrong with drinking in moderation, especially if it makes us feel better. In some ways l think is is better to drink than to take all this medication. Less side effects and you know what your going to get.

Sue. :smiley:

GABA is one of the main neurotransmitters in the body. Serotonin and GABA are the more calming, whereas Norephinephrine and Dopamine are the more energizing…
I say if drinking makes you feel better…go for it. Not encouraging you to be an alcoholic, but a glass or 2 of wine or spirits daily, pretty much puts you in the class of most people I know. :wink: Be careful of red wine though…a notorious trigger for migraine.

Thanks for that desrciption.
I would not like it all if l had to give up my bubbly and wine. My weekends are always enjoyed with at least a few glasses per night over the weekend. I tend not to drink during the weeknights to give my body a break.

I probably drink too much over the weekends, and should cut down. When l am at home with my famiy l moderate pretty well, but when out with friends, l always, drink too much.

Still need to work on that one.

Sue :smiley: