Good neurologist in Melbourne, Australia?

Hello everyone,

I live in Melbourne , Australia, and i am looking for a neurologist for my balance and dizzy problems.
Can someone recommend a neurologist for me ?
I also had a look at the clinic below :

Has anyone used this clinic before ?
Anyone also had experience with Dr. Luke Chen ?

Thanks a lot for your time guys.


See this thread.


Hi there, you asked about Dr Luke Chen, I have had some recent consultations with him, and found him to be very unapproachable, he was very rude and he sat there with his arms crossed most of the time during the consultation, he is young cocky arrogant. I am super sensitive to medication and suffer with severe nerve pain, on top of all the other medical issues I have, he prescribed a terrible medication to me, that is is not even approved by Australia, US or the UK, I refused to take it, as it would have more than likely increased the nerve pain and given me many other problems which he didn’t even bother to consider and as I refused to take the medication he then went on to say well I cant help you, so I will discharge you from the hospital, and that was it. Dont waste your time, with Dr Luke Chen, find someone else that will be more considerate of your medical problems and has a good bedside manner and he has none what so ever.

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First time poster… Over the past 8 years my main neurologist has been Dr. John Waterston working from his suite in Cabrini. He specializes in vestibular migraine. I began seeing him privately after realizing he was one of the main consulting neurologists at the Alfred Hospital neurology clinic. I wouldn’t say he has a great bedside manner, but at the same time I believe he is quite caring. Once one understands that vestibular disorders are not something that the experts always have definitive answers on, I believe he is probably one of the best people to go to in Melbourne. I would advise taking notes and having questions prepared, but without being pushy over answers. I’m sure he sees a lot of difficult cases.

The other neurologist I’ve seen a couple times that would recommend is Dr. John Heywood in Balwyn. He has a good bedside manner, if that is what you are after. I went to see him for a second opinion and he essentially told me he was happy to see me further but that I was in good hands with John Waterston.

Hope this helps, rather than hinders, someone. I’ve been appreciative of some advice I’ve read on here but am hesitant to dish out any. People experience things differently.

Replying to my own post here. I noted after searching that there are already a number of recommendations for Waterston in other threads.

I had a very similar experience with him last year. I saw him a couple of times, plus a couple of discussions via phone. His bed side manner is somewhat lacking to say the least - your description is exactly how I’d describe him too. All he wanted to do was put me on a drug called Sibelium (Flunarizine) and was very pushy about it. I wasn’t keen as I had serious concerns about the side effects and contraindications - basically there was 4 major factors that were in complete opposition to my medical history. Everytime I brought up my concerns he would side-step the questions/change subject and not address my concerns at all. He also told me at one point that I didn’t need an MRI as it would only “complicate things” and scoffed “if you had a brain tumor you’d be dead by now, or close to it”

HI Faera, yes he wanted me to take the same drug Sibelium, seems he wants to put everyone on this drug. And your right he doesnt want to listen to you, nor does he care either, its all about what he wants and not what would be best for the patient, out of all the neurologists I have seen, he seemed to be the most arrogant and obnoxious of them all. Sibelium I totally agree it comes with some major side affects, and it would affect people more so like you and I are not very well at all, the drug is prescribed for Migraine and also for Menieres, but I dont have either of those. It is not approved here in Australia, America or the UK for good reasons.

I’ve been to see Dr David Szmulewicz a couple of times and he seems quite good.

His week is split between Camberwell and Fitzroy.

Hi Cloudude, any chance you still have Dr John Heywood’s contact details. He has been recommended to me, i have a referral from my Doctor but when i called the number, it was for a different clinic. I haven’t been able to find him in a google search. Thanks :slight_smile:

I recently visited Dr Luke Chen at this practice at Neurology Network Melbourne and upon having found this page and reading the above reviews, had a certain level of apprehension about me when I arrived. But I found Luke to be nothing but lovely. He was patient, knowledgeable, gentle, and really helpful. He didn’t rush us, listened to what we had to say with genuine interest and left us with decent answers and understandings of our problem until our follow up appointment in a few months time. Couldn’t recommend him enough.