Good news stories please!

After having a long good spell I had a relapse earlier in the year and I’m struggling. I’m back on 40mg ami (which does help a bit) and tried clonidine for 6 months but it made my hot flushes worse and I had a constant headache. So Dr S has suggested pizotifen. I’ve done some searching on here but I’d love to know some positive stories from anyone who has tried it and with ami. I need hope please! Thank you

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Hi Emmie, let’s not create duplicate good stories please, we already have an appropriate Category: #success-stories-positivity please look through there for Topics that include those who’ve used #amitriptyline

I’d encourage any member who hasn’t yet posted a good news story but has ended up conquering this stuff to post a personal Topic about it in #success-stories-positivity especially if it involves #amitriptyline !

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Oh and you might be interested in: POLL: The Big Med Poll: What is helping/helped you? where amitriptyline comes out pretty favourably