Got the MAV dx and my medication rocks!

I got the MAV dx from both the ENT and my gp seperately. I started taking toprol xl 50 mg per day. I have to tell you that within the first four hours of taking that little pill I felt SO much better. The background dizzies that haven’t gone away in a LONG time were gone.

My husband and I joked that if this was a placebo effect, who cared!!! :wink:

I have no idea if this will work for the long haul, but I’ve sure got my fingers crossed that will! I go back to my ENT in a month.

Welcome Leslie, and that’s fantastic news!!

There is no reason it shouldn’t work indefinitely, but if the symptoms reappear at any stage it may be a sign that you require a dose increase.

I’m very glad to hear your first shot at a migraine med worked. Often it can take a lot of trial and error (over 15 meds myself).

I read your other posts, but haven’t had a chance to respond yet. One interesting thought is – imagine if you had been stuck with the atypical meniere’s diagnosis and hadn’t questioned it. You could potentially spend many years with miserable dizziness when there are actually real solutions at hand for many. Unfortunately this happens, but more and more people are questioning their diagnoses when they don’t fit which can only be a good thing.


Adam, I know exactly what you are saying there. A false diagnosis would have been such a setback for me. My DH is a Naval Officer and he was going to have to take a non-sea going billet bc of my DX of MM if I got it. BC during a bad attack I couldn’t get out of bed until it was gone. Much less take care of myself and our DD.

I won’t mind him gone as much IF I can keep the attacks under control and function on my own the entire time! I can take care of our DD by myself when I have to if I’m feeling well!

Day two and I’m still feeling fine with the Toprol XL. I am switching taking it to the am instead of pm. It kept me awake last night for some bizarre reason. ??? Maybe it was just the relief and excitement of FEELING BETTER for a change! :wink: