Graves' Thyroid

The alleged migraine with vertigo causing 6 weeks of dizzyness triggered by swelling of my thyroid … well the inflamed feeling in my neck & dizzyness appears to have gone after just hours on the antithyroid drug carbimazole. Hard to be sure it wasn’t coincidence, since the dizzyness had been improving but slowly.

This is taking Carbimazole as a block drug even those the residual thyroid tissue isn’t enough to make me hyperthyroid on its own.

My suspicion is some sort of autoimmune inflammation causing vestibular neuritis, no idea what the initial trigger, nor why Carbimazole appears so effective. However this is an ugly remnant of a thyroid removed thirty years ago, in the wrong place, and due to be removed, that suppressing its activity helps when it triggered this mess wasn’t a surprise, that it helped so quickly was a surprise.

Alas, seems not completely sorted the dizziness, and still struggling with the lack of energy, still its an improvement.