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Great Dizziness Resource & Cervicogenic Dizziness?

Hi all!

This is a great set of talks on dizziness: VIDEO: Dizziness & Vertigo - Research on Aging - UCSD-TV - University of California Television

Those talks, and a friend of mine who also had dizziness, made me consider seeing someone for Cervicogenic Dizziness, such as a PT like Stephen Moxey who is in the link above. Although, what I read about Cervicogenic is that it is rare and difficult to truly diagnose (as opposed to ruling out other reasons for dizziness which I seemed to have done though). Neurologist Dr. Ansari at UCSD said my dizziness isn’t migraines which is different than another Neurologist on his staff & every other Neurologist I’ve seen but I guess then maybe Cervicogenic could be the case. Though it seems I’ve had every treatment in the past that’s recommended for Cervicogenic (vestibular rehab, PT, medication, gentle mobilization, exercise, instruction in proper posture and use of the neck) & I’ve had tests done by different PTs, chiropractors, a vestibular therapist, pain specialists, on & on, and none of them diagnosed me with Cervicogenic.

I’m seeing a new neurologist (Emily Engel at Scripps) to see if she recommends botox or a new combo of meds. If she can’t help, there’s also the Headache Center of Southern California who are the main people for botox for migraines and they have some neurologists who see people for dizziness and do botox.

If anyone happens to know anyone in the San Diego area or someone who may know someone that does Cervicogenic or a neuro who works with dizzy patients, please let me know thanks!

Cervicogenic Dizziness/Headache isn’t something that’s been much discussed on here recently. There’s archive material on it if you use the Search facility. It’s a secondary headache because it results from an underlying issue with the spine which ostensibly one would imagine could be discovered by the medical profession through appropriate scans etc. Having said that my own brother had severe bouts of long lasting vertigo years ago which could possibly have been linked to such an issue. He eventually recovered following acupuncture but 15-20 years later suffered severe bad pain and issues with his spine were then discovered. Certainly worth investigating and, unlike MAV, at least there does seem a possibility of having something physical that can be seen as a cause. Good Luck. Helen