Great vertigo clinic in Sydney Australia: Prof Cremer

I saw Prof Phil Cremer for migraine associated vertigo and secondary hydrops. (I have both).
I have seen lots of docs over the years who were clueless.
Prof Cremer was great. He really helped me.
He is in Sydney, and his website is
After years of getting nowhere, I would definitely recommend him for vertigo treatment. :smiley:

Thanks Jeff,

What did it cost you for a visit?


Hi Jeff,

Great to hear you are responding so well to treatment. Can you give us a bit of background as to what tests etc Prof Cremer did to determine that you have both Meniere’s and MAV?

You mentioned in another post that you have seen Prof Halmagyi. Did you also find him clueless? He is extremely knowledgeable about migraine and vestibular disorders in general. So I would be surprised if that was your experience with him.

Can you tell us what treatment Prof Cremer has put you on? It’s always great to hear success stories.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had to meet with Dr Cremer between 2001 and 2007 and I must say that it was not a great experience. I have no doubt he is a good physician but do not have to my opinion the human skills needed to be a great doctor.
On the other hand I recommend Dr Fagan in Sydney who is truly amazing!
Unfortunatly none of them have been able to help me out with my chronic dizziness and vertigo.

Hi Everyone,

I agree with Uluru. Although I have seen some good articles online written by Dr Cremer together with Dr Halmagyi, my visit to Dr Cremer’s practice was not a great experience either. He charged close to $ 400/- and eventually diagnosed me with psycho-physiological dizziness that is related to anxiety. I do suffer from anxiety but I can safely say that my anxiety had been caused by the dizziness/eye symptoms, not the other way around.

The first Doctor that diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraine was Dr Fagan with whom I managed to see within two weeks from my first phone call to his practice He was adamant about me having vestibular migraine. Unfortunately he also said that he cannot treat me for this illness and told me to visit my GP for a script of propanol or pizotifen. We all know that migraine cannot be treated but it can be controlled so I assume migraine was not Dr Fagan’s speciality. Me like a fool, did not believe his diagnoses and went around hunting for more opinions and answers and spent thousands of dollars on MRI scans and tests for my internal satisfaction. After Paul Fagan, I visited a number of neurologists in Singapore and they all diagnosed me with migraine without headaches. I know that it is very difficult to get appointments with the top neurologists in Sydney so I would strongly advise people who think they suffer from MAV to visit Dr Fagan to at least get a proper diagnosis even if he can’t help with the treatment. From what I re-call his charges were less than $200 which is reasonable but he does not spend much time with you, maybe 20 mins max. He listened to my symptoms and asked me a couple of questions to rule out everything else and concluded and confidently said that he is ready to argue with any other doctor regarding my diagnosis. I guess he is able to diagnose people based on his experience even if migraine is not his speciality.

Dr Cremer was my second neurologist in Sydney whom I consulted before visiting the neurologists in Singapore. He spent an hour with me checking me for all the normal neurological tests which were all clear. He was unable to find anything wrong with me and finally asked me if I suffer from anxiety and if I had gone through stressful periods recently. I said “YES”, so he ruled out “migraine” and said that I have psycho-physiological dizziness. He gave me a script of effexor which I was not able to tolerate so I switched to cymbalta after consulting with my neurologists in Singapore. The cymbalta has really helped with my anxiety but my symptoms are not improving too much. I may have to add something else to the cymbalta soon. Lets see

Hope the above helps people in making a decision on whether to visit Dr Fagan or Dr Cremer. I also want to add that I have seen the exact same post on this thread started by Jeff on 26th Jan 2012 on