Green glasses to beat jet lag!

Flinders University, South Australia have released their newest invention - green glasses to overcome jet lag and help people sleep. They’re available for purchase already. Sorry couldn’t post the link but if you go to adelaidenow & search for the article on the green glasses it should come up. Now, if they worked for pc/fluro lighting etc I’d be interested!

We-ell, $274. for specs that none of us has tried yet to learn whether they happen to affect MAV; I don’t think I’ll be the first to try them. True, it’s well known that redder light is soporific, bluer (e.g. those lights classified as “daylight,” or your simpler “white” LED, is wakening. However, migraineurs have such strong and sometimes unpredicted responses to different light sources that I wouldn’t count on this gizmo to affect us any which way.

Hi David,
I’ve sent an email to Professor Lack asking whether any Migraineurs were included in his testing programme. The website is if anyone else is interested.
They sound fantastic (almost too good to be true!) but would make travelling (esp. long-haul flights) so much easier to cope with. :smiley:

Had a reply from Professor Lack - no migraineurs were included in the test so he couldn’t comment - maybe someone on the forum will be willing to be a guinea pig for us??

Anybody try them?:

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Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses
More relevant eyewear here

Pick up a thread called ‘Internal Time clocks, MAV and sleep deprivation’. You’ll find some links there.
Ref: ‘Green Glasses’ - UK based company make Migralens - for people with migraine - they are dark emerald green. Helen

Thanks! the migralens don’t seem like they’re for jet lag unless I’m mistaken?

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