Greetings & Salutations

Greetings all,

Any advice is always welcome. I’ve been a long time lurker and this site has been great source for me as I’ve walked my path. I am lucky as my SO is a physician’s assistant for a family practice. She has been very helpful and understanding through this process.

My path, like most, started as a ‘cold’. Decided to go home early from work since I didn’t feel good. Next thing I know, I’m puking out my car door on the side of a rush hour interstate as my head spins round and round. Somehow made it home in between episodes.

Spent the next 2 weeks isolated in my house trying to recover and schedule Dr appointments trying to figure out what was going on. (MRI, ENT, etc) Initial diagnosis was Menier’s. Followed a strict regimen of reduced sodium. Did that for 7-8 months with no real improvement. Tried changing meds, additional exercises, etc. My SO made me an appointment with a Menier’s specialist in Denver. The appointment was 4 months out, but at least it was scheduled. A few cruel tests later I was told it’s VN and not Menier’s. One puzzle piece figured out!

What is weird about my VN is that it never got better. I never had an ‘episode’, but I never felt ‘normal’. So back to more doctors and changing up medication…

I don’t have a traditional ‘headache’ or head pain. I have fatigue, eye strain, confusion. And not just episodes. I have this 100% of the time. Once we began thinking ‘migraine’, I began working with my GP on standard migraine meds as we were waiting to get in with a migraine specialist.

After hearing my history, the migranie doctor get me pre-approved for Botox and we begin injections (May 2018). That stopped the overall confusion and fatigue within 3 days. It was amazing to actually feel human again for the first time in 2+ years. We are still working to dial in the exact dose as it wore off a week early this round. I’ve only had 3 sessions.

I’m a big fan of natural solutions to most health issues. For me, this isn’t able to be addressed by doing just that. The supplements, diet, and exercise definitely help. I’ve felt a difference when I’ve accidentally run out.

So with that. Great meeting everyone and looking forward to contributing.

Welcome Jeff!

I grew up in Thornton but left in 1988. Your picture makes me want to go play in the snow. This year, I think I can!


I played in the snow last year. My hope this year is to fall over less. I live in Washington state now. We’re in that in between season when summer is gone but there isn’t enough snow for alpine fun. It’s all wet lowland stuff for now. And kayaking.

And your name makes me want to brew beer… even though I don’t drink anymore. Welcome to the forum!

Same here, no meds = almost zero recovery for me. Its a paradigm shift in my brain actually, that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what you got to do to feel normal.


I agree. I made very little forward progress without finally breaking down and trying meds. Lifestyle, diet and exercise only went so far.


Soon you shall drink with them. Glad botox is doing the trick for you !