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Hello and thank you for sharing this helpful information. I am newly diagnosed VM but have experienced an increasing variety of symptoms for roughly 25 years or more. I intend to adjust my diet immediately, and once my feet are under me see what else the ENT recommends. Other lifestyle changes (lighting, avoid crowds) will be added as necessary. My concerns at this point are my hour commute, school and workplace.


Sorry to be welcoming another sufferer to the forum. Glad you are finding it useful. Best of luck with your protocol and looking forward to hearing of improvement.

Hi and welcome. You seem to have a positive, down-to-earth approach to it all which is great and will stand you in good stead… Do try to think triggers (keep a symptom diary) then reduce/avoid them. That’s a major part of the prevention strategy. The word ‘commute’ rang bells. Public transport can be a bigger trigger for some. Helen