Grey floaters

Has anyone else noticed grey “floaters” in their vision. Today I had bigger than usual ones or maybe it is all the white walls where I work. Nothing serious or to complain about, maybe just another quirk to this wonderful world of MAV.


I get them all the time, always have and very annoying. Nothing to do with migraine. I always notice them more when at the computer - can be really distracting.

I have had black floaters 24/7 - more visible when bright out and against white background, for many months now. I got eyes checked by a retina specialist and everything ok. My neurologist does not believe it’s migraine related, but I just have this feeling that it might be. who knows, though. Dr. Bucholtz, author of heal your headache, thinks floaters can definitely be migraine related, but then again he thinks everything is migraine related.

Actually I do think that floaters are migraine-related, or at least that those of us who have MAV, experience floaters irregardless of having an actual migraine attack. I can tell you that I never had issues with floaters, as opposed to aura, when having a regular migraine attack. As soon as I started having MAV symptoms, the floaters arrived and have since stayed. Is this because now my vision is constantly messed up or more sensitive? I am now 24/7 sensitive to light, have more sparkles or fuzzyness in my vision, and the floaters are now there. I of course notice them more when looking at a white wall or blue sky. There are enough of them that I don’t think they were there prior to my MAV and that I just didn’t notice them. Hmmmm.

I have had floaters since before I was dizzy… but now , if my dizziness gets worse , so do the floaters so there is a connection in there , I am sure.


Hi Steve,
Yep , I have grey , black , blue, vivid white, yellow , green.
a rainbow Hmm? plus many more.
My days are filled with aura. :shock:


My floaters, light sensitivity and sparkles on blue and white backgrounds started about a year after my dizziness and weird feelings. I never had any eye problems before this. All the eye doctors and specialists I have seen see no actual floaters and say my eyes are fine. I too think all of these come from some type of migraine problem. I am trying Topamax to fix this now. Did any of you ever find relief?

Yes. I have them with my eyesopen and closed. Different colors too.

I’ve had floaters for as long as I can remember really. Though I will say they seem to have gotten worse since I started having balance problems. Anyways I kind of always figured that this is was just one of those things that most people experienced at some point in their lives. At least one hypothesis points towards naturally occuring excess protein that develops as we get older - Eye Floaters and Excess Protein | Healthfully. Who knows?!