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Grounding mats.

I have been hearing about grounding mats lately. The theory is that since we are all exposed to our electronic devices all the time that we are positively charged and need to be grounded. There seems to be no way for us to do this because we no longer walk outside bare footed and ground into the earth. There are testimonials from people who swear by it. This vertigo has to come from somewhere.

There are certainly connections between developing VM and computer use but I can no more believe it’s because we are ‘electronically charged’ than I can believe in ‘little green men’ or Covid jabs changing people into lizards. Would seem to me the human body hasn’t evolved quickly enough to cope with sedentary lifestyle, high screen usage etc which is why so many extensive computer users ended up with VM. I’d suggest the grounding required might well be walking in nature. If that’s a ‘grounding mat’ then so be it,

Wouldn’t imagine if you are a Postie as username suggests the problem would apply to you. Posties here walk miles and wear shorts in dead of winter (makes me shiver). Of course, as far as I’m aware, there is no law (not here in U.K. at least) against people walking barefoot and ground into the earth if they think it helps though I’d think it more likely they would end up with cut feet rather than a cure for their vertigo,

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I like to work barefoot in my garden and I often walk along the beach barefoot. I have not thought about it in terms of grounding myself, but maybe that is what I do. I always feel good after it.

As for grounding mats, I have never used one, so I can’t comment on them. But they sound suspicious to me, grounding in nature would be the better option, in my view.

I believe that there is a trend in Japan called “forest bathing”, it seems that its purpose is similar to grounding.

nature sounds: ocean and creeks

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Thanks for your thoughtful response.

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Yes. I see your point.

My chiro told me to walk in nature without my shoes when I told her I had vertigo. Maybe there is something to it. I guess we live a very unnatural lifestyle. Every time I try to do it I get a prickle in my foot though :sweat_smile:

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