Grumble, . . . but

Grumble first.

I’ve been waiting for months for my follow-up appointment at Johns Hopkins with John Carey, the man who spared me Meniere’s surgery by dxing MAV, and sent me here.

Today rained heavily, but I made it to Baltimore in less than 1 1/2 hr, and (narrowly) avoided a collision at a 60 mph->20 mph change in traffic speed where, I guess, the folks ahead of me hit standing water.

No appointment. No Carey, for that matter, at least not in the U.S. this week. Ditto for his sec’y.

“Geez, when is my appointment?”

“We don’t have any appointment for you in our records. We can give you one in October, if you want.”


OTOH, I made it there safely, did a set of rotations before turning around and heading home, to clear the headache that I noticed as I left, and got home safely. Did some good work online, too, and then headed out after a couple of hours to another appointment, 1/2 hour away.

That trip did end with my head feeling a size or two overlarge, even though the rain was pausing. Nonetheless, “There and back again” (without Piglet) without skating the edge; I call it a hell of a success. Way better than I’d have been some months ago.

I celebrated, if you will, by baking a double batch of cookies: WW pastry flour, apple juice, olive oil, honey, cloves, a dash of fenugreek, powdered egg white to make up for using omega 3s instead of saturated fat, glop glop glop onto parchment paper with a tablespoon and flatten, 410 degrees for 10 minutes per side; cool on rack. Yum. (Too dry for my sweetie, but I like them crisp.) I’m low on maple syrup, or I’d use that again.

Have you tried Dr. David Zee also at Johns Hopkins? My therapist recommended him highly.

Thanks for the suggestion! The neurologist I’d been seeing at U Md Baltimore (Allan Krumholz) gave me an intro to Zee once I had been diagnosed by a neurotologist with Meniere’s and asked Krumholz where to get a second opinion before going through surgery. Zee looked at the file and routed me to Carey instead, I guess because he suspected MAV.