Had to give up on Topamax

Just to let you all know that despite the fact that 50mg knocked out my headaches it caused me to have severe anxiety (panic attacks), insomnia and agitation so I’m slowly coming off it. I have been on it for close on 3 mopnths and couldn’t take the anxiety anymore. Also it didn’t do anything to relieve the dizzy business and increased my anxiety so looks like it wasn’t the med for me. I’m very encouraged to read of Jenny’s success with the anti histamine. I think I’ll also ask for this med. next.

so sorry to hear about your Topa experience. I do know what you mean - when I stepped up from 25 to 50mg after a few weeks on the drug, I experienced massive anxiety/panic, and had to climb back down to 25mg again. I eventually made it back to 50mg via 30 > 45 > 50 over a period of time. Then, the anxiety has completely settled down for me. I guess it just wouldn’t settle down for you…? Have you been on 50mg for 3 months? I wish you all the best with the next drug you try…

Sorry to hear the topamax didn’t work out for you, but here’s hoping the next med will do. Good luck. I honestly believe it’s just a case of trial and error until most of us can find the right combination of lifestyle modifications and medication.

Have you tried any other meds? Is anxiety one of your main complaints, or just from the Topamax?

I’m currently on 25mg but it does nothing to stop the dizziness/ imbalance or anxiety so I guess I’ll have to try something else. 25mg is much better than 50 mg though. I couldn’t take the anxiety at 50mg.

Kelley I do suffer from a lot of anxiety. I take 2mg of xanax which calms the anxiety and the dizzies but doesn’t make me feel totally normal and also sedates me a bit. Before this all hit I’d say I was a little on the anxious side but have alaways suffered from migraine with aura. Now I mainly have headahces and dizziness 24/7 and horrid anxiety.