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Hair Analysis

I visited a supplement health center who recommended hair analysis as they say it’s $100 for them to figure out which minerals/supplements you’re low on, possible indications of dietary intolerance’s, or a trend towards an intolerance as indicated by a particular mineral pattern (such as certain mineral patterns which may indicate allergies), test for toxic metals, and the design of a specific nutritional program. I’d rather figure out which supplements work then be on another medication but I believe supplements take six weeks versus the nerve injection which should give results quickly (I have an appointment at 4pm tomorrow to do the hair sample as both it and my neurologist are far from me). I’ve read on here that people have done hair analysis in the UK that also tells you what dietary allergies or intolerances you have (I’ve done stool samples in the past for gluten which told me I was intolerant) but those types of hair analysis tests don’t seem to exist in the US. The one I’m doing is: ARL Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

If anyone has any advice on this I’m curious! Thanks!

I’ve done the hair analysis before with a naturopath. In hindsight I didn’t really get a whole lot out of it other than a weird heart palpitation from the potassium chloride. Oh and the supplements cost me a fair amount of money. But some people report very good results, I wish you luck with it! I bet they will tell you to take more magnesium and potassium…

I’ve also gone on/off gluten so many times and I honestly can’t tell the difference. Tests showed an IGG antibody for gluten and a genetic test says I have a 1% chance of developing celiac. The first time I went gluten free I was convinced, but in hindsight I think it was just placebo. I’ve probably tested it like 5 times, up to 3 months gluten-free.
Tried it twice during MAV. Nothing. But everyone is different and some people see results going gluten-free.

Thanks; going to go with my neurologist and try nerve block shots and maybe some drug ideas he has and then maybe a cervical/cranium lift or hair analysis

How did the nerve block shots go? Was curious to try it.

Did nothing. And the frova he requested got denied given I haven’t tried Rizatriptan, Naratriptan, AND Zoimitriptan first which I think he doesn’t want me to bother one. He’s having me increase my lamictal until it helps or we reach 200mg AM/PM and then do blood to see if it’s reaching my system and then increase if it is I guess til the max (like 400 or 500 unsure) or it helps. If that fails, he says there’s always options or new things will come up. I guess the fact that if I go down on the lamictal I feel dizzier means that maybe increasing it will help the dizziness (though I don’t think the lamictal helped the dizziness when I first started taking it in 2012).

Part of me wants to do the hair analysis and try a new chiropractor that thinks head lifts will help but I feel like both will be a waste of time/money.

I kind of wish I continued with botox (only tried 1 time) as my insurance will likely end in September or January and it seems to help a lot of people with dizziness on this forum but I guess he thinks the lamictal or other meds are worth more trying and take less time to figure out if they work (and I guess less expensive long term if I have insurance changes).

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What is a cervical/cranium lift?

The way he explained it is that other chiropractors will lift your neck and focus there but he lifts the skull and focuses more on that and he said that’s why he thinks he can help the dizziness do I forget if he said he’s helped anyone else with dizziness. He’s a chiropractor pretty old, into hair analysis and puts his libertarian ideas on his website

I’m sure it would be a waste of time and money and may even hurt me but I’ve had multiple chiropractors lift my neck and didn’t hurt me but didn’t really help. right now I’m just slowly increasing the lamictal and that’ll probably take months but maybe the increase will help