Hair Wash Headache–an unusual trigger for migraine

Hi All,

I hadn’t seen this article before and thought I would post a link in case someone else stumbles across this forum with hair wash heache (HWH) – something I am unfortunately stuck with. Bizarrely, these guys postulate that it is a phenomenon which affects Indians only! Definitely not the case. I was glad to read that a migraine med can clean this up. HWH is easily the worst problem I have at the moment because it triggers head fog and headache almost daily, that is if I wash my hair. Sometimes I leave it to avoid a crappy day. I’m also sensitised to shampoos as well as the water regardless of the temperature. It’s very weird and has gotten worse over the years. … r_wash.htm



Shave your head :slight_smile:

Noooooooo! lol. I’ll probably be bald in another 10 years anyway. I don’t want this illness to rob me of having hair as well!


Have you tried dry shampoo? I have no idea how it works but it might be worth a try. That or just give up and get dredds…

I used to have a hair wash basin and I would wash my daughter’s hair while she laid down on the floor (she was young and afraid to get her face wet in the shower.) I’d set up a few soda jugs filled with water next to the basin and wash her hair while she layed down. She didn’t get her face wet at all. Maybe it might help you to be laying down while washing your hair - maybe less effect of blood vessel constriction /dilation. I don’t know if this will help, but might be worth a try. They sell the basin on Amazon… do a search for hair wash basin, if interested. Kristen

I too feel worse after a shower. But, I have always attributed it to the enclosed space which makes me dizzier. interesting post.

Dont know about the hair wash headache but I am starting to suffer from hair ache :?

I have just come to the end of an 11 day migraine (havent any idea what triggered it) but in that time, I only had to touch my hair gently and it really hurt (a bit like when you have had your hair in a pony tail or bunches (but a lot worse), but I shouldnt think you have experienced this Scott :wink:


Washing my hair always makes my head feel very weird and out of sorts …mostly if use warm water it is worse but if I use cool water it is not as bad…today I used cold water and it still feels a bit odd…like heavy head…just one more issue to deal with but if this was the only thing boy would I be a happy camper. :mrgreen:

Scott you do not want to shave your head… :smiley: …just think how “cool” it would be and then you would not have to wash your hair!

I vote for Scott to shave his head and then post a picture! Anyone second my proposal? :mrgreen: